Tonight the contestants keep battling out for another week in the competition and it's "Guilty Pleasures" Week!! Who's pleassure will be incarcerated? ... It's time to face the music!

UPDATE: John Adeleye is eliminated!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ....

My favourites tonight: Rebecca, Cher, Treyc, Katie, Aiden and Paije. The Girls keep getting better and better ... Rebecca sang and looked stunning, her voice is so recordable! And I love how she seems from another decade but yet sounds amazingly current! Cher HAS swagger! No matter what people say! She's a little hip hoper with an incredilly unique look and voice! Treyc has pipes! What a way to nail songs! She's so classy and elegant when hitting those amazing notes! Aiden is back baby! That performance was so good ... Paije started boring but those notes at the end saved that song! God! That was really good! And last but definetly not least, our quirckiest contestant, Katie! She so genius!! The best performance of the night! Fun, well sang, great outfit, terrific dancing ... a whole performer! I don't care what people say, I love Katie and I really want her to win ...

Who should go: Wagner
Who will go: Wagner or John

Paije Richardson

"Ain't Nobody" 0901 61 61 101 - Paije is really improving and improving! He's such a great soul singer! The song is a bit boring but Paije's voice is the interesting thing here! That thing he does is really amazing! The way he hits those big notes is really elegant and effortless! Paije has a really good recording voice ... He can go really far on this show if he keeps singing like this! And that outfit ... it was ridiculous but come on! He's a great performer!

John Adeleye

"Zoom"0901 61 61 102 - Another boring song for John! WTF is wrong with his hair?! He looks like a wierd poodle! Horrible song choice ... Louis keeps picking horrible songs, no wonder why he's always the first one with no acts ... Where's the funky John of the auditions? The most boring performance of the night ... And what's the sense of those dancers in the background ... No chance in hell he stays after this ...

Rebecca Ferguson

"Why Don't You Do Right?"0901 61 61 103 - Oh Rebecca! Your such an amazing singer! And I love that hair and dress ... Very retro ... Her voice is such a gem, a beautiful diamond and an incredible recording voice. Rebecca hasn't failed in any of her performances yet, and I think she won't. She's a natural performer and she shouldn't be so shy. She's a star! She sings in such a sultry way that I'm left wanting more and more. No doubt she'll go far, if not win ...

Cher Lloyd

"No Diggity" / "Shout"0901 61 61 104 - Oh! What's up with her hair and make-up and outfit?! Yikes ... Her voice however is AMAZING! This performance is really intese and entertaining ... She's a real performer and an incredible hip-hoper. Girls are so kewl this year ... I'm starting to consider a Top 3 Girls. Love Cher's voice also, it's unique and seems to be cracking all the song, like she has no control of it, but that's what makes it special, you won't hear that voice anywhere else ...

Matt Cardle

"...Baby One More Time"0901 61 61 105 - Everybody loves Matt! And I ceratinly love him too! This isn't the most original thing ever but he's really delievering ... He's voice sounds really good but in my opinion it's a bit too thin, like his singing in a constant falsetto. But wait! It's really original! Is this the performance of the night? I don't think son. Is this incredible? You said it!

One Direction

"Nobody Knows" 0901 61 61 106 - Pink a guilty pleasure? Hmmm ... I will never like this kids ... I still like Liam and Zain but the other fodders aren't good, specially Louis and Zain, what's the sense of having them there? Zain's voice is beautiful and he should be the lead singer and not Liam, whose voice isn't as good as Zain's. This performance is ok. But nothing more ... I won't go to their concert, nor buy their album. And this wasn't too enjoyable ...

Treyc Cohen

"Whole Lotta Love" 0901 61 61 107 - Treyc is playng the rock chick! I love her outfit! Her voice is sick powerfull! Incrediblly strong! But I'm not sure about this rocky side of Treyc, she seems really comfortable with it but it's not her best. The "One" performance was her best, and she hasn't topped it. The part where she throws to the floor is incredible tough!!! It was a massive performance but I would consider something more emotional for her, where she can really connect with the audience ...

Mary Byrne

"I (Who Have Nothing)"0901 61 61 108 - She's performing her audition song again ... BORING! That shouldn't be allowed ...Shirley Bassey a guilty pleasure? Mary is singing it amazing however, really powerful and deep. But again, repeating the song is boring, we have already heard this ... Louis, CONTEMPORARY! Those this song fits the definition of it?

Aiden Grimshaw

"Diamonds Are Forever"0901 61 61 109 - Last week was a low for Aiden. Would he be able to overcome it? He's singing on top of a chains stage. Aiden is definitely back! His cool vocals are there tonight! And I love how this song fits him! I'm loving this! Dannii is definitely the best mentor! She always delivers the best performances with the most eleborate themes. Cheryl is good but Dannii tops her! Going back to Aiden, he is incredible and really intense. He will go really far too ...

Belle Amie

"I'll Stand by You"0901 61 61 110 - They've picked their own song ... And they picked this? A wierd song choice ... I still think they need a lot of work in the vocals but they look like a group, so that's a step. Geneva is amazing and Rebecca isn't bad too, but Esther and Sofia are a bit weak. The performance is boring ... Simon would have done a better work ... Full of bum notes. Louis is saying that Simon has abandoned them and I agree, not that he really has, but he's not working as hard with them as with One Direction ...


"Spice Up Your Life" / "Livin' la Vida Loca" 0901 61 61 111 - Why is he still here?! Please! Don't vote for him! The worst performance of the night. The reason Wagner has a lot of dancers is just for distraction. He's an awful singer. And that's it! Go home!

Katie Waissel

"I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)"0901 61 61 112 - OMG! She looks stunning! And I love this song ... She's singing it really well in an amzing quircky way! I love the dancers! And the chorus! The performance of the night! How cares what people say about her?! Katie is an amazing performer! And the Disney frogs are here ... This was fun, entertainin, unique ... People, vote for Katie! She's amazing and makes the show fun!!

And it's RESULTS TIME! The first act safe is ... Cher Lloyd! Also in are Aiden Grimshaw and Wagner?! WTF?! WHY?! Katie Waissel, One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson and Belle Amie?! Didn't expected it ... Next are Matt Cardle, Mary Byrne and Paije Richardson! John Adeleye and Treyc Cohen are in the Bottom 2! What?! Treyc?! Really?!


John Adeleye

"Because of You" - He's still boring even when he's singing for his life. And he's really nervous and is forgetting the lyrics. He's leaving, no matter what! Treyc couldn't sing if she wanted and she would still be in next week ...

Treyc Cohen

"One Night Only" - She shouldn't be here! And she's singing it so good! That's what she should be singing every week! Treyc is an amazing performer and I don't know why people doesn't het her. But she will still be in next week ...

And it's VOTATION TIME! Louis obviously votes to keep John and the other three will obviously vote to send John home. So Treyc is in and John Adeleye is eliminated. We will miss you sir, not!
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