Another post that was in the shelves for a long time, I was originally going to post this on August 29, but as it happened with Katy's album, I didn't ... But now I'm doing it! Rox has been one of the biggest revelations of 2010 and her success will continue for years to come. "Memoirs" was released on June 7, being four singles released.

Read my review, watch some music videos and buy the album after the JUMP ... 

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Why isn't this girl topping the charts? Why isn't everybody talking abut her? I just don't get it! Rox brings us an outstanding debut, which places her as my new favourite artist, but still isn't creating much fuzz. But she will! With that voice and that look, this girl will be big. This album is a huge OMG! Each song is written and sang beautiflly and most importantly, the songs aren't similar, they are all unique, making this album a magical journey. From "No Going Back" to "Sad Eyes", you can feel that you have just witnessed Rox's life passing by, and after all, that's the idea, if it wasn't, the album wouldn't be titled "Memoirs". It also has something for everyone. We've the dinamic and cheerfull "I Don't Believe" and the dramatic "Forever Always Wishing". But this is mainly a sad album, where struggle and heartbreaks abund. But that doesn't make it bad at all. The latest mentioned is my favourite of the album, it's lyrics are so deep and meaningful! "Unless you never know what you've been missing when you're forever always wishing". Isn't she amazing?! If you were in doubt, you are surely not anymore! Run and grab your copy before it's completely sold out!

I Don't Believe

My Baby Left Me

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