Cara Greenwood, best known as Cara1988, was born, as her name says in 1988 in England. The well-known YouTube singer has recently answered some questions for this interview. You can visit to her YouTube channel Here.

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*How would you define yourself as an artist?
 I wouldn’t really say I am an artist, I am insanely in love with music and I love to play the guitar and sing. Music is in my soul. I haven’t written any of my own songs yet though, so I don’t really feel that I am in fact an ‘artist’.

*Who would you name as your biggest influence?
Bon Iver, Damien Rice and Coldplay; they write music that gets completely under my skin; Music to cry to and fall in love to.

*How long have you been playing guitar/singing?/Do you play any other instruments?
I have been singing forever, I was in the choir in primary school and used to sing the solo parts in the plays (how geeky do I sound?!). I’ve been playing the guitar for 7 years now, the first song I learned to play was ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ by Oasis, and I remember how hard it was to get the hang of strumming and singing at the same time. I don’t play any instruments other than the guitar yet, but I’ve been given a harmonica for my birthday, so hopefully I will be able to play that soon.

*What was the first song you ever sang? 
Ohh.. I have absolutely no idea!! But again, my first song on the guitar was ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’, shortly followed by ‘Wonderwall’- I bet everyone says that!

*Do you write songs too? 
No, but I will one day, when I get the courage to write something and actually keep it instead of convincing myself that it’s rubbish and deleting it.

*Have you ever met anyone related with the music business? 
No I haven’t. Not really.

*Do you have any gigs lined up? 
No, I’m too much of a wimp!

*Have you ever been in a studio? Have you recorded an album/EP?

*Would you consider applying for the X factor?
I wouldn't do the X- Factor because I'm not confident enough to do it, and the same applies really to the question of whether I would ever make an album or why I have never sang alone on stage. I don't really feel that I sing or play to a quality that anyone would want to buy or really listen to, I mean, it is wonderful how supportive people are of my videos on youtube, but it's just me singing in my room, I don't really think it's anything anyone would pay money for.

*What is the best advice someone ever gave to you?  
To always look after yourself, because no one else cares enough to put you as number one, you have to be your own number one. The roadies from a band called ‘Bleeker’ told me that one night after they gigged at the pub I used to work at, they got me to get up with them to play ‘Whatever’ by Oasis. Afterwards, they talked to me about life and how you have to look after yourself and do what is right for you, because you only get one shot at it.

*What hidden talents do you have? 
Umm... Well it’s not really a talent, but I have a blind spot in one of my eyes, and in certain lights I can make people’s heads disappear.  Obviously no one other than me can see this but it keeps me amused!! Talents ... I guess I can draw quite well, I’m art and photography mad.

*Something interesting about you? 

I can tell when it’s going to rain by how my head feels, yes a bit like a cow!! Hahaa.


The videos are a bit out of sync but they are great anyway.

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