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Linda Andrews

At first I didn't liked the Faroese mother, but then, she started to grow in my heart and I ended loving her. You just can't love her. She sings with soul, and her unique and thin voice makes her better. Plus her daughter shots in the scene where soooooo cute. Mercy and Unwritten are her best performances for me, in the first one she proved she has the pipes and in the second she proved she has soul; to sum up, she is a package artist.

Alien Beat Club

Formed in the bootcamp, the diverse group, was one of my favourites since the beggining. I especially liked how they worked the stage, they just didn't stand there and sing, they gave elaborated performances with good dynamic. To learn more about them go HERE because I dedicated them an article.

Mohamed Ali

I really hated this kid. I couldn't even wait for him to finish singing, he was BAD. I understand, young kid with decent voice (I'm lying, his voice was horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE. It was like hearing my 3-year-old cousin singing) on a singing competition means more audience, but please, did Cheryl visited Denmark while they were choosing?

Sidsel Lieknins Vestertjele

Now we are talking of a true artist. I have nothing against young teens in this competitions, while they are good, and Sidsel proved to be the BEST. Her acapella version of "Tom's Dinner" was like Heaven on Earth. I almost cried, no I didn't, but it was way too good to believe it; and when that happens, you know you have a true artist in front of you.  She was that odd and quircky contestant that every show has.

Lucas Francis Claver

I didn't hate him, but I didn't love him; I guess we can say he was ok. "The Lovecats" was pretty good and I could almost fell a jazzy vibe from him. He was actually brilliant, the way he said The Lovcats was incredible. Good job kiddo.

Asian Sensation

I just didn't like them. It was like seeing Mohamed plus three. Oh, Lord, they sucked......the soul out of every song they sang. Three words: Bad BAd BAD

Claus Seest

He probably had the best male voice, but his lack of personality didn't work for him. He looked just like the judge, and that isn't a good thing. But his powerful cover of "Lately" is very good and deserves to be watched.

Claus Lillelund

I couldn't find a video of the liveshows, so I posted his audition. I think it was very good. He has good vocal abilities, damn, I want to see him with music.


They were good! Remee has good taste. Unfortunately they left too early, without even having the chance to prove how good they are. The only critique I have to give them, do they all sing? I was expecting to see the other sing but they didn't and I kept waiting.

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