The danish group compraised by Kasper Spring Ehlers (the white guy), Marcel Mark Gbekle (the black guy), Patricia Namakula Mbabazi (the black girl) and Stephanie Lykkehøj Gudmundsen (the white girl), may have lost their title as the X Factor champion to Linda Andrews, but they have had a similar success relesing their debut album "Diversity" by Universal, which charted #12 in the Danish Charts.

They auditioned for the X Factor as individual acts but were later cut. After being cut they were asked to form a group, which they accepted, sailing to the final. Kasper (24), Marcel (17), Patricia (21) and Stephanie (16) are a true example of diversity. They all came from different backgrounds and they are all different. What's more, they all have very unique voices.

Patricia has the big voice, the classical voice all black divas have. She was born on  March 10, 1988 in Copenhagen. In 2008 she participated in the talent show "Elsk mig i nat", but she didn't reach the finals. She was nominated for best Danish "African Achievements Upcoming Artist" in 2009. Marcel is the other with a big voice. Although I like his voice I don't like him, he looks cocky to me. He was born on March 11, 1992 in Copenhagen. He had previously been in four bands being the lead singer and drummer. Stephanie is the little girl with the thin but good voice. She is always on pitch and has proved to have excellent pipes. She was born on January 31, 1993 in Hillerød. She is a drummer and has been the lead singer of five different bands. Stephanie is the only school educated of the group. Kasper has that singer/songwriter vibe. He was born on August 31, 1984 in Herlev. In 2003 he was placed third in the unsuccessful danish version of "Idols". He is my favourite of the group and has a really pleasant voice.

Watch Alien Beat Club X Factor performances and two music videos from their first album after the jump.

X Factor Performances:

The Circle of Life/Just Dance


Album Review:


ABC's debut wasn't well recived by critics but I really liked the album, which has a selection of original songs and covers. "My Way", their first single which charted #1, is my favourite. It makes me remember of Frank Sinatra's song of the same title, which has a similar meaning. Diversity was released on November 23, 2009 and features english songs and one danish song.

Music Videos:

My Way

Simple Things

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