This is a recap of YouTube singers singing Ellie Goulding's songs. If you want to follow any, just watch the video on YouTube and suscribe to them. They aren't in any order. Only Becca, who is my favourtie. Please don't get angry other singers.

My favourite YouTube English singer, Becca de la Musique, (she's been featured here before, search her), did a gorgeous job with Starry Eyed. Beautiful vocals, pitch and phrasing. The best Ellie cover I've heard.  And she is beautiful, isn't she?

I found this dog and the pig recently, they are called David's Lyre. At first I thought: oh, another bad cover by two horrible singer, but after hearing it, I thought: wow, I really like this guys! Though the dog had a better voice than the pig, whose voice I didn't liked much.

Another british singer which I really like. This young talented singer makes me remember of Ellie's vocal, they sound very similar but she manages to make the song sound unique.

A beutiful german voice covering Ellie's second single. I like the slow beggining a lot, very original. Pretty good guitar playing too. A few pitch problems but excellent overall cover.

Two cousins, one has an incredible voice and the other is a decent guitarist. I liked it, a LOT.

Bath singer, Gabrielle, is another young singer. Love her style, and she is GOOD! Like how she sang faster towards the end.

Haha, I was loving this guy until he answered the phone at the end of the song while he was still singing. Should have finished man, you were doing amazing. The first man who takles an Ellie's song and nails it. His name is Alex Hall, go, google him.

 This guy is amazing, makes me remember of Alex Lambert, isn't he similar? Cooper has many good covers and he loves Ellie, as we all do.

Jen is a british singer. She has a very unique voice, unfortunately the video cuts at the end, fuck, I was really enjoying it.
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