Day 1:

Finally arrived in destiny after 16 hours on car and 16 hours of unimpterrupted rain. Things doesn't seem to start very good.    My ears are practically begging me for a rest, they hurt a little, an ovbious thing after enjoying my ipod all day. I got a little obsessed with some artists and some songs. The biggest obsessions were the Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack (Follow me Down, Her name is Alice and The Poison are pretty awesome), As in Rebekkamaria (Yours Truly, She Lion) for those who don't know her I'll feature her later, definitely on of my favorite new artists, and I selected some soft songs (Leigh Nash - Ocean Size Love, Lisa Hannigan - Lille, Brooke White, Michael Johns, among others). Mid-afternoon and the rain has dissapeared, unless for now, the sky is still black. I head to the beach anyway. Water: cold, salty and transparent (not so bad). By the night we walk around midtown, I was impressed by the amount of bar singers, there were so many, and also very good ones. I was blown away by one in particular who nailed it with Proud Mary, a twentie something man with a raspy soulish voice. I would have bought his CD if there was one.  I also enjoyed a woman who did a decent job with Torn.  Next thing to do: eat. Quick dinner and back to the hotel to get some rest. My back really hurts, guess I'm to old for this! Just kidding I'm still way too young ;)  

Day 2:

Not much music for me today, just some at the supermarket. I looked like stupid dancing around the cans section to I Got a Feeling. I'm beggining to get tanned, I love how it looks on my skin! The only thing I'm hateing now is loosing American Idol. Beach afternoon and singing in the water. Luckily there wasn't anyone around, they would have thought I was crazy. Off to some shopping! 

Day 3:

Just 3 days and I'm already sunburned and exhausted, don't know what's happening to me. I have less to write each day, seems I'm running out of ideas! I've listened to Paloma's for 2 days in a row and I'm not getting bored, it's very, very good. Broken Doll: a masterpiece! A bit sleepy now, I'd better rest!

Day 4 and 5:

Two very similar days. Beach, sun and water. My skin is falling by now so I'm pink, I've lost my beautiful tan! Loads of music while resting in a paraguayan hammock looking to the beach. Listened to Little Boots for the first time and I might say it's pretty good. Linda Andrew's debut it's amazingly unique, I love her extremely thin voice.

Days 6, 7 and 8:

I've invented a very funny game, well, it's very similar to the music quiz. Someone who doesn't know my songs, picks one and I've to guess who the artist is and what's the name of the song. It might look like I've copied the Music Quiz, but it's way more difficult, as I've no clues. I haven't won yet, guess I don't know my library well. The weather has been bad, a little windy and rainy, but I'm getting tanned again! Yoohoo! I have got to see the best bar singer here again, remember the one I mentioned who nailed it with Proud Mary? Well, he was here again, I don't know what song he was singing, but it was excellent. Amuzment park tomorrow, will I find some good singer?

Day 9:

Not a singer at all at the park, what happens with this country!! On my way back to the hotel I found one literaly on the street with his guitar, pretty funny.

Day 10 and 11:

My mood is deteriorating. I'm way to grumpy, guess being away from home is making me angry. Mainly bad singers these days. They were trying to sing higher notes than they could.  I've been planning some new sections, I'm pretty excited about them. A few days to go home!

Day 12 and 13:

Just 2 days. This vacations passed fast! Did some shopping these days, buy some presents and clothes. Listening to Kimberley Caldwell right now, AMAZING, this girl has a stunning voice! Planning more new sections and upgrading the old new ones! 

Day 14 and 15:

I'm finally back at home, tough I enhoyed it a lot they were a bit too long. The 16 hour trip back home left me exhausted but it's good to be home!
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