Czecho Slovakian Superstar's first season is an example of a good season. The right person won and the right contestants advanced. As you can see, Martin is my favourite of all them, he isn't only a great vocalist, but also an incredible performer and musician, the most deserved win I'll ever seen. Dominika is just cute, isn't she?. "Je suis Malade" is an example of an excellent performance, not even pitchy at once. And Markéta's "Umbrella" is terrific! She is so good, should have made it further! And about the other contestants: What do you think of Miroslav?, doesn't he look like a girl in that picture? , he may have great abs as seen in "Dirty Diana", but that picture makes no favours for him. Ben and Denis are pretty decent singers. The girls are a pretty bunch, don't you  love all this girls eyes?. Leona should have made it further too, she was amazing!.  And Paulina looks just like Paulina Porizkova, is she her daughter?. Share your opinions and remember to vote for your favourite three contestants.

Watch the contestants performaces after the JUMP ...


Feeling Good

Miroslav Šmajda

Smoke on the Water
Cry Me a River
Dirty Diana


Nothing compares to you
Je suis Malade

Denis Lacho

Včelka Mája

Ben Cristovao

Fly me to the Moon

Leona Šenková

Lasko Vonis Destem
Oh, baby baby



Paulína Ištvancová

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

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