Doo Wah Doo is the first single from Kate's second album "My Best Friend Is You" due to be released on April 19, 2010. Nash confirmed on her blog that she filmed the music video for the single on February 18, 2010,"I shot the video for Do Wah Doo last week on thursday and it was so so much fun! The best fun I ever had on a video shoot. It stars a lot of my wonderful friends who are pretty much amazing. I wrote the treatment almost a year ago, it’s a love story set on a plane in the late 50’s, for some reason the idea has always been in my head." Nash also posted some pictures of the video shoot, showing her and her friends (including photographer and close friend Wesley Goode, who starred in Nash's video for "Pumpkin Soup") on a plane. The music video was available from March 4, 2010.
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