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What's exactly the meaning of the phrase "Best for Last"? Well, basically to leave with a bang. But, why not starting with one? That's why we're starting with Case Mayfield, a Dutch indie folk musician which may be much more interesting that at first sight. Right now, Case is putting the final touches in his debut album, "The Many Colored Beast", which definitely won't dissapoint. He has a great concept going on and I wouldn't be surprised if his unique apporach takes the world by storm! He's a synesthetic and that only says one word to me, amazing!

Read the interview, watch some videos and buy his music after the JUMP ...

Buy Case's music HERE (NL) or HERE (US).

ME: How would you define yourself as an artist?
Case: I wouldn't
ME: Why?
Case: I'm like a dentist, except I don't want to work with people's teeth. I work with music.
ME: So you are basically saying it's just a job?
Case: No I'm saying It's what I am meant to do. Job or no job, artist or no artist.
ME: You always wanted to be a musician? You knew you were going to be one when you were little?
Case: Yes. And again, wanted to be, I already was.
ME: I see what you mean. You were always around music when growing up?
Case: No, my parents weren't into music.I
ME: Oh, so how did you realize you were a musician?
Case: I don't remember. I've never asked myself questions like that.
ME: (Laughs) Ok. Can you tell us something of your life untill now? Really general ...
Case: That's really hard to do, describing my life until now in a general way. Being born, growing up, dreaming, hating, loving, losing, winning.
ME: (Laughs) That is general. Back to music now ... Would you classify yourself in any genre?
Case: Am i allowed to answer no? (Laughs)
ME: Not really. (Laughs)
Case: Then I'm a person with a guitar.
ME: So would you say you play folk? Soul?
Case: I don't know, that's what they usually call it right? Though I like freak-folk
ME: (Laughs) I like that, and yes, I would classify you as folk.
Case: Then folk it is!
ME: Would you name any influences? Any idols?
Case: Jackson Browne, Ray Lamontagne, Ian Matthews.
ME: Yeah, I see the similarities. A dream collaboration?
Case: Jackson Browne
ME: So tell me, are you working on an album now?
Case: Yes I'm working on an album.
ME: What can you tell me about it? It's concept?
Case: It's called The Many Colored Beast, a line from 4+20 by Stephen Stills. The album is all about colors. When I hear music or look at people I identify them with certain colors, that's how I memorize them. Blue people are sweet, easy going. Blue songs make me wanna fly. Red people are pushy.
ME: Oh, that's a really cool thing! So you are telling me that when you hear music you see colors? Isn't there a name for that?
Case: Yeah It's an autistic disorder thingie or something.
ME: You are autistic?
Case: No. But then again, a crazy person doesn't realize he or she is crazy.
So who knows. Never been to a doctor.
ME: (Laughs) Ok. So when's the album out?
Case: January 1, 2012.
ME: It's independent or are you with a label?
Case: I'm going to sign with a label, after the album is finished.
ME: Is that confirmed? Can you tell which?
Case: Not confirmed, sorry. Or it is, but I can't say. Or something like that. (Laughs)
ME: You wrote all the songs in it?
Case: Yes
ME: Where do you take inspiration for it?
Case: I've got no clue, sorry. It just happens. I like it to be mysterious, unknown, not explained.
ME: So, has there been any singles from the album released yet?I
Case: I don't know. I prefer to release the album as a whole.
ME: Oh, cool, so you'll release the album and then singles from it? Or just the album?
Case: Just the album.
ME: Can you tell us something about any of it's songs? One you are planning to include? Your favourite?
Case: I haven't got a favourite song on the album. There are going to be 11 songs on it. Acoustic and with a band.
ME: What would be the predominant feeling on it? Color maybe?
Case: Colors, yes. Every song has it's own color, it's own feeling.
ME: It's like a rainbow?
Case: Yes.
ME: So, what would be a yellow song?
Case: A song about going to the beach. A song about watching kids play with sticks and dirt trying to build a garden.
ME: Great, so you've got a really good concept built! What about a black one?
Case: Yeah I've got one of those.
ME: I assume that's a sad one ...
Case: Exactly! (Laughs)
ME: I've heard some of your songs, what else can you tell me about "Alright Louise"?
Case: It's about women, being able to do everything, achieving everything.
ME: Will it be on the album?
Case: Yes.
ME: Cool! What color is that one?
Case: Pink.
ME: (Laughs) I was thinking of that one too!
Case: (Laughs) Cool!
ME: So, last one, what can we expect from you in the coming months besides your album? What are your plans from now on?
Case: Trying to get the hell out of Holland (Laughs)
ME: Touring?
Case: Yes, I want to play everywhere. Holland is boring.
ME: (Laughs) Where are you aiming? UK?
Case: Anywhere.
ME: Cool! Well, it was great talking to you! Thanks a lot!
Case: You're welcome.
ME: Ok, bye!
Case: Bye!

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