19 more acts will battle for Europe's vote and the chance of making it to the grand finale, where 25 acts will compete for the ultimate prize! Only 10 acts will advance, while 9 will be sent packing. Who will make it? Who will be cut?

Comments and ratings after the JUMP ...

Second semi-final is on!!! 19 more acts will compete for only 10 places! Winners are in the audience. Anke is as hilarious as last week! People wanted them to explain the rules again. "Shoot Judith" And she does. They show Lena, who apparently, never noticed them and gave the cameras her back. There are three important rules, first, "You cannot vote for your own country", second, "You cannot vote for your own country", third, "You cannot vote for your own country". LOL.

Dino Merlin


"Love in Rewind"  8,5/10 - Wow! I love that start! And I must confess that I really like this song. And Dino's voice. This is so different from usual songs, which are pop/dance tunes. They've an amazing folky sound, which makes this performance really fresh. Yeah, this is one of my faves, definitely! Cool syncro at the end guys!

Nadine Bleier


"The Secret Is Love" 9/10 - Nice acapella start girl! Great way to show your amazing vocals! This is really simple. She's alone on stage, until some chorus singers appear. But this is definitely about the voice and the song. This is actually amazing! Austria must make it after this, cause this is an amazing entry. Well, at least we know Nadine's album will be a success when it comes out tomorrow!



"Never Alone" 7/10 - I really like his voice. It gots a soft sweet sound but I think he was lacking a bit of power here. He seemed too nervous to sing the song and some notes weren't great. Mmm ... I'm not liking this as much as I did with the video. This is good but actually pretty decent. I'm not sure they can make it after this, let's hope though ...

Witloof Bay


"With Love Baby" 8/10 - Definitely my favourite entry tonight! They've great voices and a really cool jazzy smooth sound. That said, they aren't having the best vocals of the night and their harmonies don't sound so good. Still, this is one of the most creative entries this year and they do have terrific voices. They may have not shown them as much as I hoped but they are miles away from some other acts. So I hope they make it!



"I'm Still Alive" 7,5/10 - Great singers, hot bodies, awful song. This is a really cheesy and cliched song, this is too low quality. I like their voices, I hope they have sung something diferent cause this isn't as good as it should be. They may make it, cause they are hot and have good voices, but that song leaves a lot to be desired!

Judith is on the audience. Anna Rossinelli is next to her! She's gorgeous and a great siner! Ell and Nikki there too. He speaks german, it sounds horrible. Beautiful Kati Wolf is there too!

Mika Newton


"Angel" 8,5/10 - Cool! Kseniya Siminova in the house! She's doing the beautiful things she can do with sand! Mika Newton has a great song and is really lucky to have Kseniya with her! She makes thing a lot more interesting! The question is, is the sand more interesting than Mika's song? Well, sort of but Mika has a great voice to match what the song lacks. Wow! This is great! Best performance of the night Yes, that was amazing!

Zdob şi Zdub


"So Lucky" 7/10 - Oh my! I hate this song and their ska punk thing. The screen behind them is interesting though, and so are their hats. Well, that's nice! A fairy like girl appears on stage on a monocycle and the song tones down a bit, well, for some instants, cause it goes crazy again. I actually don't dislike this so much. This is actually interesting. They can never win this but well, that's unique!

Eric Saade


"Popular" 6,5/10 - Oh! He can sound even worse than what he really did. This is probably one of my less favourites, but he's cute, so maybe he may advance just because of that. The song is horrible, whoever wrote that, should be fired, or set into fire. Worst Eurovision song? Not that much, but one of the worse. The glass thing was cool but did they broke cause he sucks singing? His voice isn't that bad actaully, ha can sing some big notes, I'll give him that.

Christos Mylordos


"San aggelos s'agapisa" 4,5/10 - The staging looks really great here! And that's it. The song is disgustingly bad and old fashioned and I really can't like his voice. Cool dancing too, which matchs the screen behind. Oh! That girls voice was great. She should be the real entry. Well, enough of this, I don't like it, never will. But cool things going on that stage! Yeah, just mute it!

Poli Genova


"Na inat" 8,5/10 - Poli looks good! I like this song a lot, unfortunately, I can't understand a single word of it. But still, she sounds great in Bulgarian! This is one of my favourites, she's got a great rocker vibe and a great voice that matchs that perfectly. Lots of fire on that performance! I guess it's fair to say Poli was on fire tonight! Bulgaria is qualifying, there's no doubt about that!

Vlatko Illevski


"Rusinka" 5/10 - This is a raspy mess. I hate it. Hate it! The song has no sense and he's such an awful singer than he even makes Jedward look good next to him. Seriously, this is the worst song I've heard. Clearly, this was an awful selection Macedonia. Why would you even do that?

Dana International


"Ding Dong" 5/10 - Awful song after awful song? That makes sense! Ouch, that start was painful. And it's not getting any better. The whole performance is painful actually. What is this song even supposed to mean? Seriously, this is awful, yeah, she may have won Eurovision once, but she won't win again with this song.

Maja Keuc


"No One" 9/10 - OMG! This song is so good live!! Plus Maja looks gorgeous in that outfit. Her voice is amazing. She's got a really special tone and she hit the big notes perfectly. She could fit into soul music perfectly! My favorite entry of this semi-final for sure. If she doesn't make it, I'm done with this.

Hotel FM


"Change" 8/10 - Oh! The vampires are here to take controll over Europe! I bet everyone is voting for them right now! I really like the song and his voice is pretty good actually. I like the dancers too! I would have filled the stage with something more but this is fine as it is. Well, those lyrics are actually too cheesy, "change the world", ugh.

We are off with some Anke and Stefan ... SINGING! Hilarious as usual! Anke should be brought for every Eurovision, cause she's great!

Getter Jaani


"Rockefeller Street" 9/10 - We all know by now that Getter is currently one of the favourites, if not the favourite. I'll be just fine if she won! The song is great fun and she has some good pipes. I love the eclectic vibe this song brings and the staging. Plus the song is really catchy and it has a certain charm. And I don't know why, but Getter looks hilarious! Is it just me? Will we visit Tallin next year?

Annastasia Vinnikova


"I Love Belarus" 5/10 - Mmm ... This is wierd. She sounds too deep, almost faked, like if she couldn't actually sing. And Eurovision's #1 rule is never sing a song about loving your country. How do you expect Europe to vote for that? I like her ... body. And I want to say I like her voice, I thought she was ok on her music video, but this is so off. I don't see her advancing.



"Angel in Disguise" 7,5/10 - This song is great, in theory. I don't know if it's just me but I liked this a lot more recorded. Still, he has a great voice and it's really catchy. It has an RnB vibe and the hat guy's rap adds a nice touch to it. This is so much better from some previous entries still ...

A Friend In London


"New Tomorrow" 9/10 - A fantastic song and a fantastic singer! There's a sweet soft sound in this performance and it actually sounds as good live as it did recorded. He even has more powerful vocals than before. Oh, what a run! He got tired coming back though! Yeah, I really like this band. So buying their album when it's out!



"Lipstick" 4/10 - Oh no! Why are you doing this to us Ireland?! Bring Sarah instead! If it wasn't enough for you having to stand this two throughout the XF, well, here you have them once more! They are doing their wierd gimmicks as always matched with their awful vocals. They can't sing! And any person who argues that is insane! Yeah, that tops Macedonia, worst entry of the year!


Voting is closed! Killing some time with the hosts. "Two things that don't go together" says Anke, Stefan starts "England and penalties", "Germans and humour", "Women and technology", "Breakdance and classical music". "Not true" says Anke. Flying Steps, a breakdance act with classical music? This is damn interesting!! It's genius actually. I'd never imagine this wierd mix! Really good!

We watch the Big Five again. Some chat with Lena, who's on the crowd with Blue, Lucia Perez and Amaury Vassili. Where's Italy??

And now, we are off to the results! The 10 countries advancing in no particular order are:
  1. Estonia
  2. Romania
  3. Moldova
  4. Ireland (WHY????)
  5. Bosnia
  6. Denmark
  7. Austria
  8. Ukranie
  9. Slovenia
  10. Sweden
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