First of all I must say I don't like this version. I don't know if it's the stage, the ilumination or how they speak, but I just don't like it. It doesn't work for me. But regardless that I can't stand the show, it has some good voices. Let's start with the winner Martha. She has the best voice that ever hit the stage on the show, the girl has real talent and is an excellent performer. (And I love her tatoo). Runner-up Eduardo may not have the great pipes Martha has, but has a soft and ballady voice(don't know if this exists). It's so sweet. Third placer Ruben isn't a good singer but knows how to use the stage and interact with the crowd, that's what placed him 3, not his voice. Sara shows some signs of vocal ability but she just can't deal with hitting high notes but she looks like a good girl, so that means votes. Lady and Rolando are in the same bag, two good singers with zero personality. Better than Ruben and Sara but lacking their personalities. My other favourite Tania impressed me with her audition and I'm her fan since then, she hasn't the best voice but I feel a jazzy vibe from her, which I love. Johan, Osvaldo and Sol aren't bad singers but failed to impress with decent but forgettable performances. So my top 3 are: Martha, Eduardo and Tania. Who is your favourite? Vote for them in the poll at the end.

Watch the contestants videos and vote for them after the jump.


En Cambio No

Déjame Llorar


Odio por Amor

La Soledad

Ruben Álvarez

 Me huele a soledad

A quien tu decidiste amar

Sara Bellomo

Lloviendo Estrellas



Lady Balarezo

Para vivir un gran amor



Rolando López

De Música Ligera

Cuando Seas Mia


 Espacio Sideral

Estoy Aquí

Johan Estrada

Mil Horas

Osvaldo Conde

Que vida la mia

Sol Vargas

Fuego contra fuego

Vote for your favourite 3 contestants. Remember you can vote more than once.

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