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Joe McElderry

Although Joe is a great singer I didn't expected him to win the hole series. There were many better contestants and I wouldn't have selected him. Having said this, Joe's victory came as a total shock to me, who was expecting to see Olly win. His voice has an unique tone which I don't like much, it's kind of unpleasant to me. But apart from that, it was a well deserved win.

Olly Murs

Olly came as the charismatic and confident guy with a decent voice. With many solid performances throughout the show, I saw the crown on his head. But Olly wasn't so good as I thought and came second. Many people compare him to Robbie Williams, but I don't see the similarity, he is way to different to Robbie, and a better singer.


Stacey Solomon

The Dangenham shy girl with a wierd talking voice seemed like another joke auditionee, but when she started singing all of our jaws hit the floor. Stacey has mad vocal abilities and seems like a nice person. Her approach to "The Scientist" during Week 1 was the bomb. Had I bet she was going to win I would have lost all my money. I was so sad to see her leave as I was expecting her to win. I hope she can release an album.

Danyl Johnson

The teacher had the best voice in this competition. His amazing vocals matched his charismatic personality. Danyl become a frontrunner with an incredible audition that blew the judges away, Simon even said "the best first audition I have ever heard".


Lloyd Daniels

Lloyd, Lloyd, Lloyd ... I seriously don't know what Cheryl had smoked when she decided to eliminate Ethan Boroian and keep Lloyd. Despite having an almost decent voice, this kid was just plain bad, 0 vocal ability. The only reason that took him so far in the competition was his look. But apart from that, he sucked .... the soul out of the room, as Simon would have said.

John and Edward

The other WTF act in the show. Cheryl and Louis had probably smoked together before deciding. They are by far, but far, far, far, the worst act to ever hit the stage. And Simon, seriously??, you hated this kids and you decided to save them instead of Lucie, what were you thinking? Had you had a smoke party with Cheryl and Louis? 

Jamie Archer

The afro rocker was the oldest in the show, but his experience didn't show off very well as he only turned out 7th. He was compared by Walsh to a Lenny Kravitz impersonator, they do look similar but I don't see much similarities in his voice, do you?

Lucie Jones

Lucie was the best of all, she was a true artist and had one of the best voices in the competition. After a not so good performance of "This is Me", she was in the bottom 2 with John and Edward, and to all people shock, Simon decided not to eliminate the twins. After the most WTF decision in all X Factor's history (Maybe I'm exagerating a bit), we were devasteted to see a crying Lucie leave. I'm expecting to see more of her in the near future.

Rachel Adedeji

Rachel Adedeji was seen permanently in the bottom 2, but I don't see why this happened. Her voice had a very pleasant and unique raspy tone that I totally loved. Her performance of "If I were a Boy" proved she deserved to be there and "Proud Mary" earned her the most number of votes during that week.

Miss Frank

Initially auditioning as solo acts, the three girls were later asked to form a group, advancing to the liveshows. I wasn't expecting them to be eliminated so early. I saw them on the 5th place but I was obviously wrong. They have serious voices and unquestionable talent.

Rikki Loney

I didn't like this contestant either, this proves Cheryl has a bad taste with boys. She should never mentor this category again. Rikki's style didn't fit the competition and he has no voice. And I hated that eyebrow and that hat.

Kandy Rain

Despite their stripper past, the girls shouldn't be eliminated first. They totally deserved another chance. Although they didn't have the best voices, they had talent. I would have rather seen John and Edward leave insted of this four.

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