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The Clark brothers Austin, Ashley and Adam have some experience in bands. They first formed part of  "The Clark Family Experience" with their brothers for two years and then they parted ways to participate in "The Next Great American Band" as The Clark Brothers in 2007. They subsequently won the contest. On October 2009 they renamed themselves as Sons of Sylvia, which I suppose is their mother?.

After being featured on Carrie Underwood latest album "Play On", they immediately rose to fame. They are currently touring with Carrie on her "Play On Tour".

They are now finishing recording their album, "Revelation", which is stated for release on April 27, 2010, after inking a record deal with Interscope/'19 in early 2010.

They have a very original sound and I wouldn't classify them as country but as country rock. If you visit their official site HERE you can listen to some original songs, which,  I must confess, sound pretty cool.

Performing "What Can I Say" with Carrie Underwood

Performing during The Next Great American Band

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