This season was domined by the women. There were 8 womem and just 5 men in the finals. Only three of the five men stand out. Bojan, Aleksandar and Dimitar are all good performers. I don't like Bojan's style much. He seems like a rocker-rapper mixture that just don't work for me. Aleksandar is a decent vocalist but not that good, he has the teen factor, he's cute which earned him votes. And lastly we have Dimitar whose touchy performance of Love of My Life impressed us all. Now lets turn to the girls. They ruled the season with incredible performances and big personalities. Magdalena is undoubtly a soul singer. Listen was just amazing. Preslava's Michelle was amazing as well. Although she came out third she delivered some great performances and showed she could make a song her own. Rusina's unique style make me fall in love with her. She has an incredible phrasing. Aleksandra's voice isn't as strong and I don't like her, it seems so forced. Eli ,on the other side, has natural talent despite she couldn't show it. To conclude my top 3 are: Magdalena, Preslava and Rusina. Who is your favourite? Vote for them on the poll at the end.

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Oh! Darling


Bojan Stojkov

If I Only Knew




Shape of My Heart

Aleksandar Tarabunov

Is this Love

Dimitar Atanasov

Love of My Life

Aleksandra Zhekova

It's My Life

Eli Radanova

Sweet child of mine

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