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I posted spoilers of the US XF, so why not posting spoilers for the UK too? By now, you all should know that Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue have left the XF, leaving us with boring and dull Louis Walsh, who apparently is like that person you can't get rid of. So firing Cheryl was a great move but Dannii was non sense, why getting rid of the best judge who also happens to be the last winner? We now get Tulisa Contostavlos, Kelly Rowland and Gary Barlow, who apparently is taking Simon's mean path, in which looks like the best panel yet. The show will premiere on August 20, will this be the best series yet or will Simon and Cheryl's loss affect the show?

Contestant listing after the JUMP ...


Cotestant Listing


All of the following contestants are rumored to have made it to the JH stages. I've also added the rumored locations and helpers. Mentors confirmed? Apparently ... (Source) X-Factor Updates is reporting the contestants that have been chosen to move on to the liveshows, they are marked in red. Again, just rumored but most likely to be reliable.

Boys - Gary Barlow - Going to LA with Robbie Williams (Probably)

Frankie Cocozza 
Craig Colton
Marcus Collins
James Michael
John Wilding (JH last year) - VIDEO, VIDEO
Luke Lucas - VIDEO
Joe Cox 
Max Vickers

Girls - Kelly Rowland - Going to Miami with Beyonce (Probably)

Misha Bryan - VIDEO
Janet Devlin (My fave right now! Made Kelly cry) - VIDEO 
Amelia Lilly
Sophie Habibis 
Jade Richards - VIDEO
Melanie McCabe (Bootcamp in 2008) - VIDEO
Sian Phillips – Replaced due to VISA issues by Sarah Watson
Holly Repton 

Overs - Louis Walsh - Going to Barcelona with Sinitta

Carolynne Poole (Fame Academy 2003, 3rd place) - VIDEO
Goldie Cheung (WTF contestant) - Apparently quit the competition after making it to the lives. (Source)
Kitty Brucknell (Called the new Katie Waissel, yay!) - VIDEO, VIDEO
Jonjo Kerr 
Joseph Gilligan
Terry Winstanley
Sami Brookes
Jonny Robinson

Groups - Tulisa - Going to Greece with Jessie J (Source)

Estrella (Gemma made it to JH in 2006 as part of Eskimo Blonde) - VIDEO
Girl v Boy (Engaged couple) 
The Keys - VIDEO
The Risk (Marlon McKenzie (JH last year, VIDEO) Replaced in JH by Charlie from The Keys, Derry Mensah and 2 others)
Nu Vibe (Bradley Johnson, Stefan Romer, Richard Milford, Jordan Higo and Ashford Campbell)
2 Shoes
Rhythmix (Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirwell and Leigh-Anne Pinnock)
The Lovettes (Made up from 2 members of Tress and a solo)

Top 70 (Round before JH) - This is based on first names, so there may be some mistakes.

Brooklyn (Young girl?)
Chrissie Pitt (She auditioned last year. Tried again with group Twisted, who apparently broke up during their audition) - VIDEO
Eskimo Smile (CUT)
Kendro (Kendall and Alejandro, Jedward wannabes)
Niall Sexton - VIDEO
Roxy Yarnold (CUT)
Samantha Halen (Got a marriage proposal while auditioning)
Sarah Mills (Probably)

No info wether this acts were cut or made it through bootcamp

Bev B
Charlie Finn (JH in S4) - VIDEO
Despina Pilavakis - VIDEO (CUT)
Element - Facebook
Elesha Moses - VIDEO
Ellen (47 y/o woman)
Jacques Houdek (Croatian singer) - VIDEO
Jade Fubara (Auditioned in S6) - VIDEO
Jo Beetlestone (Got to Bootcamp last year) - VIDEO
Jolene Burns - VIDEO
Kristianne ?
Lauren Rammel
Luigiano Paals (Dutch XF, S2, 7th place) - VIDEO
Matt Stringer - Facebook (CUT)
Megan Burke
Michael Lewis (Michael Jackson impersonator) - VIDEO
Nike Jemiyo - VIDEO
Roger Boyd (Dubbed the new Susan Boyle)
Olivia Ayres - PIC
Section 2 (Gay couple)
Shanna Goodhead (Probably) - VIDEO
Swansea Maths 
Trucolourz (Made it to JH in S6 but were DQ cause one member was underage) - VIDEO (May be out)
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