Kato Callebaut was my favourite in this years Belgian Idol. And apparently, I wasn't her only fan. She was clearly the front runner and managed to make it to the finale only being beated then by Kevin Kayirangwa who had already been eliminated once but was saved by the judges. The quirky singer impressed every week with her emotional and beautifully phrased performances and now, there's a studio of her voice out! After coming second, she was signed with Sony Music and her winner's single, "The Joker", was released on June 3, 2011. It then charted #4 in the iTunes charts. The song is really great if you ask me. It's not a vocal demo with great notes and all that vocal power, but her voice is really unique and the song is definitely fun and well writen. I'm definitely looking forward to her album!

Song after the JUMP ...

Buy "The Joker" HERE (BE)

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