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Probably the girl with the most distinctive voice in this list, quirky Stafany June, whose debut single "Summer" became a hit, recently answered some of my question, cause, what a better way of knowing someone than by asking them? She's currently the opening act for The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, a band which has definitely influenced her music and style, and is working on her debut album, which I would expect for late 2011/early 2012. With her upbeat fun sound and her high voice, she creates a really engaging electro sound, really similar to the Ellie Goulidng's sound that got me hooked to her. I'm hooked to Stefany too ...

Interview and videos after the JUMP ...

Buy "Summer" HERE (NL) or HERE (US).

*Why the name Stefany June?
Stefany is my name and June is the month of my birthday and the feeling of the month (beginning of the summer) fits to our music.

*How would you define yourself as an artist? 

I'm a singer songwriter who likes to write lucky, danceable songs with my piano. Together with my band I awake them live on stage.

*Who would you name as your biggest influence?/What is your dream collaboration?
My music is influenced by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Lykke Li, Feist, MGMT. But I would love to play a concert, for instance, with Prince.

*So you are a pretty new band, what are the next steps for you? What will you do to be more recognized? 
We will release a CD, we are not really sure when, but it's going to be this year. We will play so much so that it is impossible that people don’t know us.

*The band is an international mix, how much do different cultures of the band members affect the final result?
I think our nationalities don't have so much to do with the result. We are just making the music we like.

*You've your own label, Galaxy Cat Records, do you believe that it gives you more freedom than if you were signed by a major label or do you still hope you get signed to one?
I really think I have a lot more freedom than when I am signed at a major label. I can do what I want to do. Finally music business is not what it used to be 10 years ago.. they don’t have so much money anymore, so better keep your rights by your side! Do it yourself!

*How is the experience of touring and how has it affected your musicianship?
We learn a lot through gigs! One gig is like 3 rehearsals! We see how people react to our music and that is cool!

*You'll be touring with The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, who has influenced your sound a lot, how does it feel to tour with them? Would you like to collaborate with them?
Thats really awsome! I was looking for cards for their show in the Netherlands and Germany. All of a sudden a got that mail that we will support them!! So I didn't even have to buy the tickets anymore haha!! I am really looking forward to see them! I don’t think they would ever ask me to collaborate, because our voices are a bit the same. But if they would ask me I would do it for sure!

*So you won the Global Band Battle from the Hard Rock Café and you are now performing in London, how does that feel to you?

Really cool!! So exciting to travel so far with our gear and to play in Hyde Park!!! It’s a really good start for the summer!

*Where do you find inspiration when writing?
Thoughts, things that are going on... books that I read, music I listen to, things people say.

*Your music sounds pretty upbeat, but your lyrics are often quite sad. Talk about that contrast. Is it intentional or something that just happens with the way you write?
I like the contrast. Positive lyrics with positive sounds and my high voice could be too much sometimes, so I like to keep it fresh. Furthermore, I personal try to think positive also in bad times.

*Is there a recurring theme in your lyrics?
Life is good

*What can we expect the album to be like?
We are still in the process of making the CD. It will take us a while until we know how we want it.

*Is there a release date yet?

*Can you tell me something else about the song "Summer"?
Summer is bringing a positive melancholic vibe. She is calling out for the summer to warm her up because he is gone.

*What about the song "Complain"? Will it be on the album?

Complain is a song I wrote in my head without any instruments while I was on a trip to London. It’s a typical girl thing to have it cold, to be hungry and to be tired all at ONCE so this is a song that makes people sing along instead of complaining.

*What can we expect from you in the coming months?/What are your plans from now on?
We will come up with something. What it exactly will be is not sure yet. But it’s going to be great!! We have new songs in our repertoire and we are playing a lot. There will also be a new video clip. And there are already plans for a third one.

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