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Janne Schra, former member of Room Eleven, which was formed in 2004 and broke up in 2010, is now embarking in her own new project, Schradinova! I personally loved Room Eleven, they  were fresh and their songs had a certain jazz softness that was really appealing. But hey, Schradinova is the same singer so the result has to be similar, right? The debut album, "India Lima Oscar Victor Echo You", came out in October 23, 2010 and it peaked at #13. Well, her music is funnier and wierder now, I guess she tried to go the wierd path for this project. And I'm really liking that! Take for example the latest song, "Pencil Revolution", yes, you heard right, a song about pencils. The tunes certainly have a sense of humor and her voice sounds great, almost a retro jazz sound, that's impossible for me not to love ...

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 Buy "India Lima Oscar Victor Echo You" HERE (NL)

 Room Eleven videos HERE and HERE.

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