UPDATE: Music Video included. Beauty in all senses. I'm seriously loving this girl now. Haha.

I generally loathe Disney Girls. Their inability to sing and they constant trying to. But that's not the case with Demi. I've always liked her and I actually think she's a good singer. I don't know why I particularly like her, maybe it's because it's the only one who has actual talent? After a vist to treatment centre, this song is definitely her big comeback. Only being released yesterday, the song has already peaked to #2 and I don't doubt it will be #1 soon. "Skycrpaer" is a great song, it's definitely not what you'd expect from her. It's an emotional soulful tune, amazingly written. Summing up, I love this!
Song after the JUMP ...

 Buy "Skycraper" HERE (US)

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