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UPDATE: Top 70 Spoilers!! 

With the XF US auditions in full swing now, it's about time that I give you some spoilers, cause, who doesn't love spoilers?! But first, a little XF roundup news. It will premiere on September 21 on Fox and it will feature L.A. Reid, Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell as judges, with Steven Jones as the host. As we all know, Simon had to quit the UK version of the XF to take part in this show, and as part of the britt import he brought, was fellow XF judge Cheryl Cole, who was then fired cause her accent wasn't understandable she didn't work on the panel, and the host, who was due to co-host with Nicole until Cheryl was fired and was replaced by her. Well, I guess that covers it all. Oh! And the prize is a recording deal with Syco Muisc and 5 million dollars! Yes, the stakes are higher than ever!

Contestant listing after the JUMP ...

Auditions took place in Los Angeles, California, Miami, Florida, Newark, New Jersey, Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Illinois and Dallas, Texas, with audition booths in Honolulu, Hawaii, Phoenix, Arizona, Nashville, Tennessee, Anchorage, Alaska, Kansas City, Kansas and Denver, Colorado. Or more easy, throughout all the states. This initial fase is now over and the contestants are headed to bootcamp, which will take place this Saturday, July 23, in PASADENA, CA with an audience!! YOU CAN GET YOUR TICKETS HERE. So if you are planning to be there, send me an email if you have any info ...

Contestant Listing

The bootcamp part with the live audience only featured the top 70, which are going to be cut down to the top 32 which are going to the judges houses on July 24. I'll post spoilers of the top 70 as soon as I get them! HERE's an extensive review of bootcamp's first taping, with 32 performances reviewed. Below you'll find a summarized list with the names and some videos. So the Overs are 30 +, some of the names listed there belong to other categories, I already fixed that.

TOP 32 (Names in red are the ones I got right, names in black are the one which where missing)


Brian Bradley (Astronomical Kid) - VIDEO
Marcus Canty - VIDEO
Nick Voss
Phillip Lomax  - PIC
Brennin Hunt - PIC, SITE, VIDEO, VIDEO (Apparently, he was amazing, and a possible lock for the liveshows) 
Chris Rene 
Skyelor Anderson
Tim Cifers  


Apparently mentored by Simon who was supposed to cut them down in France on August 28 with the help of Mariah Carey. She couldn't be there due to hurricane Irene. Wonder what will happen now. (Source)

Caitlin Koch - VIDEO
Melanie Amaro - VIDEO
Rachel Crow (The girl that everyone is talking about, she was amazing, probably going to be a finalist) - PIC, VIDEO, VIDEO
Simone Battle - VIDEO

Tora Woloshin - VIDEO
Jazzlyn Little
Drew Ryniewicz
Tiah Tolliver  


Dexter Haygood
James Kenney - MySpace, VIDEO 
Josh Krajcik - VIDEO
Stacy Francis - VIDEO, VIDEO
LeRoy Bell
Tiger Budbill
Christa Collins
Elaine Gibbs   


2Squar'd - VIDEO
The Anser - VIDEO
InTENsity (Francesca Duncan, Lauren Ashley, Ellona Rano Santiago, Nick Dean, John Lindahl, Arin Ray, Ma’at Bingham Shango, Emily Michalak, Austin Percario, Emily Wilson)
Lakoda Rayne (Hayley Orrantia, Cari Elise Fletcher, Dani Knights, Paige Ogle)
Ilusion Confusion  - PROMO
Stereo Hogzz - VIDEO
Brewer Boys

TOP 70

Aaron Surgen

Andrew Muccitelli - VIDEO
Audrey Madison Turner (She's Ike Turner's widow) VIDEO
Chesty Springs 
Chelsea Musick - VIDEO (CUT) 
Chrissy Feliciano
Clayton Seene - PICVIDEO
Dixon Haggan
Elaine Gibbs - VIDEO, VIDEO
Francesca Duncan
For Sure (Four black males)
Gina Rene - VIDEO (Expect her to be great)

Hannah Jackson - Reverbnation
Illusion Confusion
Jamie Lynch - MySpace (Probably her) (CUT) 
Jeremy Easley - MySpace, VIDEO

Kelly Warner - MySpace
 Matthew Johnson (CUT) 
Nick Vass (or Voss?) - VIDEO (Prob him)

Pink Stilettos - VIDEO
Raphael ?
Ryan Sims - MySpace

Symphony Howlett (AI Contestant, she may be cut cause apparently she blew it at the Top 70) - VIDEO, VIDEO (CUT)
Toni Dulce (31, white female Josh Groban) - SITE, Kickstarter project (Considering she's funding an album and she talks about Simon on the video, she could have been cut, though I don't see why)
Justin and Nathan - VIDEO
Little Ladiez - VIDEO, SITE
Statik Express - VIDEO

All the following contestants made it to bootcamp:

Adrian and Julian (twins with Bieber haircuts)
Best Kept Secret (Male group, three brothers) 
Brian and Brandon - VIDEO (Probably them) 
Dorit ? (48 year old woman) - VIDEO (Audition) 
Emma Henry (AI Contestant) - VIDEO (CUT)
Eric Perry - VIDEO 
Heather Gayle - VIDEO 
Jeanette ? (43, hispanic woman, Susan Boyle type) - VIDEO (Audition judges comments)
 Josh ? (Sang "At Last", looked like a caveman)
Karee Fletecher - VIDEO (Audition) 
Kataris (spelling?, 12 year old girl) - VIDEO (Audition) 
Kelly Smith (44, black weeding singer, sang "Natural Woman") 
Kelly Warner (22, white hairdresser)
Liliana Rose - VIDEO
Reina Williams - VIDEO, VIDEO (Audition) (Most likely CUT)
Rennee Eileen - VIDEO 
Shemar (12, black girl) 
Stacy Francis - Facebook 
The Rossoms (Four black sisters) 
Tienne Silicons (black opera singer) 

No info wether they made it to bootcamp or not, unless stated:

Alexandra Bachelier (AI Contestant)
Alexis Lopez (AI Contestant)
Alyssa Ledesma - VIDEO 
Alyssa Snow - VIDEO
Angeline Meehan 
Anna Kaelin (AI Contestant)
April Walsh (AI Contestant)
Bettis Richardson (AI Contestant)
Blake Rackley - VIDEO
Casey Carlson (AI Semi-Finalist, S8)
Christian Spear (AI Contestant)
Crystal Stark (AI Contestant)
Danny Noriega (AI Semi-Finalist, S7)
Erynne Hundley (AI Contestant)
Emily Johnson - VIDEO
Emily Rose Brady - VIDEO
Frances Coontz  (AI Contestant, S10) - VIDEO, VIDEO
Freedom Bremner - VIDEO
Genesis Moore (AI Contestant)
Heather Piccinini (AI Contestant)
Hollie Cavanagh (AI Contestant, S10, Top 40)
Jason Rich (AI Contestant)
Jason Yeager (AI Semi-Finalist, S7)
Jeff Goldford (AI Contestant)
Jayne Santanaya - VIDEO
Jessica Furney (AI Contestant)
Jessica Sanchez (AI Contestant) - VIDEO
Joanna Paciti (AI Semi-Finalist S8, DQ)
Joelle James (AI Contestant)
Jonathan Baines (AI Contestant)
Jordan Segundo (AI Contestant)
Justin Kalama (AI Semi-Finalist, S8)
Katie Bernard (AI Contestant)
Keith Beukelaer (AI Contestant) - VIDEO (No doubt he was cut! LOL)
Kelli Glover (AI Contestant)
Kelly Caruso (AI Contestant)
Kim Pinkerman - VIDEO
Laura Wright (AI Contestant)
Lauren Harding - VIDEO
Lauren Torelli (AI Contestant)
Leah Laurenti (AI Contestant)
Liette Kraper (AI Contestant) - VIDEO
Maegan Wright (AI Contestant)
Maureen Gamboa (Clint Jun Gamboa's sister)
Mishavonna Henson (AI Semi-Finalist, S8) - LOVE THIS! Haha. If anyone has any info, I'm specially interested in her.
Monique de los Santos  (AI Contestant, S10) - VIDEO, VIDEO
Nathaniel Marshall (AI Semi-Finalist) (CUT)
Paige Cook (Who I interviewd a while ago, HERE)
Salomy (Spelling?)
Sarah Ames (AI Contestant, S10) - VIDEO, VIDEO
Sarah Sellers (AI Contestant, S10) - VIDEO, VIDEO
Savannah Low (AI Contestant)
Stephanie Edwards (AI Finalist, S6, 11th) - VIDEO, VIDEO
Sylvia Chibiliti (AI Contestant)
Thaddeus Johnson (AI Contestant)
Tyler Grady (AI Semi-Finalist, S9)
Vickie Natale - VIDEO (Probably her)

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