The lovely Samantha Jade was crowned the 4th winner, giving departing judge Guy Sebastian his second consecutive win in XF's history. The show also got it's first female winner, something only Sally Chatfield was close of accomplishing 3 years ago. Ronan Keating, Nat B and Luke Jacobz will are coming back for the 5th season and they are being joined by newbie Redfoo and former XF UK judge extraordinaire Dannii Minogue. Will our new judges help finding the next big star? One can only hope ... It's time to face the music!

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Jai  Waetford - 14 - "Different World" - His parents broke up when he was 2 and a half y/o so he now lives with his grandparents and his mom. He's very close to his mom. Jai looks a lot like Justin Bieber, the difference is the guy can actually sing. He's got the sweetest voice ever. The problem is that his voice will probably change in a few years and he'll lose that beautiful sound. He'll be good as long as the competition lasts though. The judges go nuts over him, as expected. Ronan asks him to play an original. He plays a song called "Don't Let Me Go" which is actually pretty good. They've got a really talented kid here. Ronan calls him the best thing he's ever seen on The X Factor. Redfoo says those lyrics were perfect. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present)

We now get a proper introduction of the panel. Mr Cowell claims he loves The XF Australia, though I doubt he's ever watched it. Proof #1, he calls Ronan a good judge. He's the most obnoxious member on the panel and mostly speaks shit. Nat wants to win this year. I put my money on newbie Dannii, after all, she beat Simon twice. Redfoo is our crazy wild card, not sure what to expect from this one. 

Kelebek - 17 - "Good Feeling" - She wanted to change her name cause she wanted something more edgy. Kelebek means butterfly in Turkish. She's not Turkish but she likes the sound. She's going to sing, rap and dance and her biggest hope is to dance with Redfoo. Apparently she was here last year. I don't remember her at all. Nat doesn't either as she begins telling the story then makes her tell it. She got to the Top 24. She's not a great singer but she makes up for her lack of vocal ability with her phenomenal personality and stage presence, the rapping was great too. She owns the stage. Obviously, Redfoo dances with her. - 4 yeses

Tyler Hudson - 30 - "Unwell" - He's got two kids plus one on the way. He wants to make a better life for them. He was born in Texas and moved to Australia on 2002, year in which he met his wife. His son is named Lyric (?!) and his daughter is named Loxley (?!). His son was diagnosed with high functioning autism when he was 18 months old. He's a very charming guy but this song does him no favours. There's a nice tone there but I'm not sure he can be a star, he's not memorable. Maybe a different song can do the trick. Nat thinks he can go really far. Ronan says something about people not picking the right songs for auditions but he did like him. - 4 yeses

JTR - Jon, Tom and Robin - "As Long As You Love Me" - The brothers are from Sweden but they live in Brisbane now. They flew all the way from Sweden to be here, this morning. To be honest, I'm already annoyed by them. Their mom is married to an Aussie, so they go back and forth. They are ok I guess. They've got a weird tone, I don't like it. Ronan obviously loves them, we all know he's got a thing for young guys after all. - 4 yeses

Dami Im - 24 - "Hero" - She's in love with K-pop music. She wanted to sound like the good K-pop singers but she realized that she wasn't a good singer at all. "I think I can sing now" she says. She brought her husband with her today Dami was born in South Korea but moved to Australia when she was 9 y/o. She sings at churches and little venues around Korea. I was disappointed with her song choice. She should have done a K-pop cover, that would have been a lot more interesting than this overdone song. Her singing is surprisingly good, the audience seems to love it as well. Going forward, a little originality please? She gets a standing ovation. "That's exactly what this show is being designed for" Dannii tells her. - 4 yeses

Ellie Lovegrove - 18 - "Girl On Fire" - Her dad was a country music singer. She has a big family musical background. She's  Aboriginal. She thinks being on the XF will help show young Aboriginal kids that everything is possible. Her dad passed away from lung and throat cancer when she was 10. Her first performance was with her dad. She's singing a really cute acoustic version of the song. Not a fan of the actual song but she's got potential. Dannii calls her performance endearing. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present)

Veanka Howard - 15 - "The Climb" - She's here to get her music out there. When she sings, she feels like she's on top of the world. She tells the judges she moved around a lot and that about 5 years ago she found a home were they really got her. From the age of 3 to 10, she's been through a lot of foster homes. "It's hard because you finally think you are settled in and then they say not definitely" she says, "I thought that no one really wanted me". Her new mom taught her how to sing because it got all the anger out. "She's my best mate" Veanka adds. She wants to get other foster care kids to get to do what she's doing.  The audition is ok, her pitch was all over the place at times and she was quite shrill. The song choice was a train wreck as well, why this song Veanka? That aside, there were some nice moments, she has some potential. - 4 yeses

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