The auditions kicked off last week, already giving us some early front runners. During the previous episode, Georgina Mastin proved that talent runs in the family and country boy Taylor Henderson came back for a second shot at fame. Tonight, more returnee's grace our stage but will they make it? ... It's time to face the music!

Recap after the jump ...

Mitchell Thompson - 19 - "Beneath Your Beautiful" - He got into music when he was in early pre-school. He started singing in one of the choirs there by accident when he tried joining a band. He was also a contestant on the first season of The Voice Australia, losing his battle to Fatai V from Team Seal, one of the stand outs of that series. He's still a great singer. The good thing is that he's showing a lot more depth than when he auditioned for The Voice plus he sang that perfectly. Ronan compares Mitchell to Trent, from The Collective. I don't see it. It's pathetic they keep trying to make that happen. They better not put him in a boy band. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present)

Michael Ross - 31 - "Can't Hurry Love" - He compares himself to David Bowie crossed with Chris Martin and Elton John. He loves the old soul divas. Michael works with a girl group, "they are kind of like the Spice Girls with intellectual learning disabilities" he says. He's really proud to be working with them. This is an amazing arrangement. I'm not the biggest fan of this song but Michael made it sound so good, it was almost as if he was singing a totally different song. I'm not sure he can repeat this but I really hope he does. The judges give him a standing ovation. Dannii is tyring to work out how she's gonna get that performance into her iPod. Apparently Redfoo's first kiss was with one of Diana Ross' daughters. All he could think about was getting Michael's performance to Diana. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present)

Joelle - 22 - "Don't You Worry Child" - Oh, look who's also back! Joelle was the singing half of the infamously eliminated duo Good Question during Ronan's Home Visits last year.  They got to London and met 1D. She was disappointed she didn't make it. The rapping half of Good Question, Christina, decided to go solo. Last year, Ronan felt like the girls were two solo artist, so now that's what they are doing. Wow, I'm loving this performance. It's not perfect but gosh it's a terrific cover and arrangement. She was the best part of Good Question, so I'm kinda glad that Ronan cut them now. She could go really far if given the chance. Ronan had goosebumps, he thinks she's stronger now than ever. Dannii thought breaking that song down like she did was cool. Redfoo wasn't feeling the meaning of the song, seriously dude? He doesn't think she has the XF, he tells her no. Idiot. - 2 yeses (Nat wasn't present)

The Royce Twins - 22 - "I Won't Give Up" - The twins have been in foster care. "We've known Mark longer than we've known our real parents" one says. Their mom had breast cancer so they ended in foster care. Their dad also passed away when they were younger. "We've lost our parents but we'll always have each other" they say. They work really well with each other, most of what they do on stage sounds improvised to me but they definitely know how to compliment each other. In truth, the least annoying twin duo I've seen in a while. Nat couldn't help smiling. "That's what the XF is about" Dannii tells them. - 4 yeses

Will Perrett - 16 - "Burn For You" - He comes from a big family of 9 children. His two older brothers play rugby professionally. His dad moved to the mines in Western Australia to provide for his family and left his whole family in the Gold Coast. Such a beautiful voice for someone so young. His tone is so exceptional, just gorgeous. He also picked the perfect song for his voice, my issue is, will lighting strike twice? Can he find another song that fits him as good as this one? - 4 yeses

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