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Sandra refuses to fall into oblivion. The singer shot to fame when she competed on The Voice of Holland's third season and despite not being able to win the title, she's been the most successful artist of the season to date. Her debut album, "And More", a compilation of songs she performed on The Voice (plus some new ones), managed to stay atop the charts for an impressive seven weeks and earned her a Platinum record. The superb "Hunter", released August 3, is the follow-up single to the album and it's already charting at #14 on the Dutch Top 100, which is better than Leona Philippo (S3 winner) achieved with "With a Word". The single is a lot catchier than I envisioned it and her airy vocals are a complete joy. I was picturing her second album as a continuation of her debut but this new direction is a complete shift from the slow vocals she gave us before and a much welcomed one. I couldn't be more excited for what's to come next.

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Buy "Hunter" HERE (US) or HERE (NL)

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