Previously, returnee Matt Gresham came back to prove Mel how wrong she was when she sent him home last year. The lovely Jiordan Tolli had her own Bella Ferraro moment. NOA gave one of the worst auditions in the show's history, yet managed to make it through to the next round. It's the final auditions episode, will we find a star tonight? ... It's time to face the music!

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Jordan Rodrigues - 17 - "DJ's Got Us Falling In Love " - He can sing, dance and beat box. He got into dancing when he was 5 y/o and then started break dancing, with him then joining a crew, which represented Australia in America. He starts his performance with some beat boxing, which mostly sound as if he's making fart noises. His singing is ok but he's no Blake Lewis. That said, Jordan is the perfect guy for a boy band. He can move, he can sing and he's quite edgy. Dannii asks him for a back flip, he obviously does it. Ronan tells him they've not had anyone like him yet. - 4 yeses

Cat Vas - 27 - "Unchained Melody" - Her father is a Christian ministry thus hen she was young, life was really strict. Her parents are currently in Madagascar, for some reason. Cat's voice is somewhat shaky but she's exactly the type of artist I enjoy. I love her vibrato and without the added pressure of the audition, she could do very well in this competition. Lovely delivery of that song, it was quite mesmerizing. She's one of the few interesting Overs I've seen this year. "Unique, original, it's what we are looking for" Redfoo says. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present) 

Element - Sylvana, Laura, Jasmin, Jose and Nada - 18 - 30 - "One More Night" -They met at a singing school when they were put together in a singing troupe. They don't have a leader, they share it evenly between them. They compare themselves to a mix of Destiny's Child and Little Mix. I wasn't crazy about this arrangement, I didn't enjoy the parts in which they sang together at all. Individually, they sounded very well though. They could work as a girl band, they just need to tone down the sex appeal. Dannii tells them they've been waiting for a group to walk on stage. Ronan thinks Nada is the lead singer, I kinda agree, she was the one standout. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present) 

Adam O'Brien - 24 - "Fallin'" - He promises we've not seen anyone like him on TV before. He calls himself a self confessed hippie. His mom is a carer and through that he discovered music therapy. He's originally from NZ. Adam's got a very unconventional answer to whom his inspirations are ... instruments and animals, birds mainly. Good singer but nothing out of the ordinary. His personality is the most interesting part about him, as Dannii said, he's cheeky. Ronan thinks Adam is away with the fairies. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present) 

Joining Adam are ... Zac Hakos (18), who gives us a really cool cover of Taylor Swift's "Trouble", Nick Tabone (21) who wants to go electrician to musician and finally, Jayden Rodrigues (23), who is a massive Star Wars fan as evidenced by his RTD2 belt. All this guys are boy band material though I really enjoyed Zac's audition, he could work as a soloist perfectly.

Hayley Sillar - 24 - "Nasty, Naughty Boy" - She dubs herself as the female version of Johnny Ruffo. Is she aware of the fact Johnny cannot sing? She is very aware of how sexy she is, it's obvious she intends to use that in her favour. Dannii's face as the audition begins is hilarious. Shockingly enough, Hayley can actually sing. Not sure she'll last in the long run considering her category is so full of talent but that was definitely a memorable audition. Maybe as part of a girl band? I don't see that happening actually, she's too sassy for that. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present) 

Ofisa Toleafoa - 23 - "I Am Changing" -He works at Footlocker. He's here because his partner gave him an ultimatum, "if you love music, get it out there". Yet another Kiwi. He came to Australia to find himself. He is gay. He's trying to get support from his mom but it's not the same anymore. His family found out through Facebook. He hasn't spoken to his mom since last year. "I'm singing for my mom, I want her to know that I'm changing but my love for her will never change and I'll always be the same person she brought up when she was little" Ofisa says. He's got a very powerful voice. I wouldn't have chosen that song but I guess he delivered the message he wanted to. It got specially great towards the end. Despite all the hype, I just don't see him going far, probably he'll make it to Home Visits, but I picture him being eliminated at the very last moment for some reason. A teary Dannii calls Ofisa's audition one of her favourite auditions ever. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present)

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