We were off to an ok start last night with young Jai and Aboriginal Ellie the few stand outs of the night. Tonight, a new bunch of contestants take the stage with the hopes of impressing the judges. Who'll impress us tonight? ... It's time to face the music!

Recap after the jump ...

They are calling The Collective last year's breakout success? Are you freaking kidding me? What about the person that actually won the show, you know, that girl who was Guy's friend ... Samantha Jade? They forget to mention that their latest single, "Another Life", only managed to chart #47, while Sammi's got to #9 ... but you know, who cares?

Straight Up - Jai, Ellis, Liam, Latifah - "I Want You Back" - "We are young, we are fresh, we all have different talents" she says. As the only girl, it's hard for her to control the boys at times. She compares them to a young Black Eyed Peas. Well, this is a disappointing mess. Entertaining but a vocal train wreck. She's a good singer but the boys didn't do much besides jumping around the stage. One did some beat boxing and a cool back flip and the other did some rapping (the one that was overly enthusiastic about the dancing). This song, yuck. They get a standing ovation. The judges are really overdoing that this year. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present)

Barry Southgate - 30 - "Let's Stay Together" - He started singing background vocals. He's worked for Guy Sebastian, Stan Walker and Jessica Mauboy. He thinks it's time to push his own career. Redfoo and Barry bond with their fros ... Pregnant Nat also likes it. Her hormones are all over the place. Haha. Smooth, he could be our new Nathaniel. Dannii didn't seem to enjoy it much. Refoo is concerned about placing him in the pop world. And now he's turned into a douche. He thinks LMFAO gets people from 3 to 93 shaking in their boots. I'm not sure if he's kidding. Dannii calls his cover pedestrian, she thinks he should have every one on their feets. He still gets four yeses. I kinda see Dannii's point. - 4 yeses

Adira-Belle - "Rumour Has It" - Adira means strength in Hebrew and Belle means beautiful in French. That's what they represent. They all auditioned as individual artists and then decided to audition as a group, probably after being rejected as soloists. "We are gonna hit XF as a truck" one says. These are some sassy girls. A shockingly great cover. Their harmonies were terrific and they ate the stage up. I'm not sure how they'll translate to the audience but this is a great start. Dannii wanted to jump on stage and join them. Ronan thinks they've the potential to be incredible. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present)

Vendulka - 15 - "Stay" - We all remember Vendulka and her lovely turtle backpack. Nat cut her last year during Home Visits after picking the unprepared Shiane over her. (Exit Interview) She's been recording a CD in the past year. Ronan couldn't believe Nat sent her home, he was devastated. She's here to give it another shot. She will be showing she can be versatile and will attempt to sing a pop song this time. A gorgeous performance, just what I was expecting from the talented Vendulka. I'm really glad she's back, I'll be extremely pissed if she doesn't make it this time. Ronan wasn't sold on the performance. He thinks she has slide herself to a category just like so many others. He was disappointed she sang that song. "What were you listening to? That was amazing!" Dannii answers him. She apparently watched her last year. She thought that was magic. While I hate to admit this, I kinda agree with what Ronan was saying. The guitar playing Vendulka was far more exciting, I expect to see that side back when Bootcamp arrives. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present)

Calmell Teagle - 14 - "I Will Always Love You" - She sings at weekly assemblies. Her biggest fear is falling down while she walks over the stage. Or burp as she sings, cause she's a "nervous burper". I love her personality and her singing is remarkable. My issue is this song, it's so overused, can't they ban it already? I'd like to see what the judges can do with her, it'd be interesting. The judges are speechless. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present)

Rohan Herring - 25 - " I Believe I Can Fly" - He's a retail manager. He defeated cancer two years ago. He was at the gym and thought he had cracked a rib. It turned out he had a tumour wrapped around his heart and lung. It was an aggressive form of leukemia. After finishing his treatment, he'd go to an empty room and start singing. "I believe I've been given a second chance at life" he says. I hate this song, I despise it, but I guess he's a good singer. I can't really judge based on this atrocious tune. Ronan hugs Rohan after he finishes singing. Ronan recorded this song for his mom who passed away from cancer when she was 51 y/o. She loved that song. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present)

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