Last week we saw the lovely Vendulka leaving the show, when Nat decided to keep Shiane Hawke over her. Despite I'm still pissed I won't be seeing my fave contestant again this season,  I remain positive we'll get to see her again in the future, after all, she's only 14. She was nice enough to answer some questions for us reacently and this is the result. If you ever wondered what's her name's origin or maybe you wanted to know where she got her backpack from, this is your chance to find out!

Interview after the JUMP ...

*I've to ask this first, you have a very interesting name, what's it's origin?
Czech Republic! Both my parents are Czech. I was born in Cooma though.

*How would you define yourself as an artist?
I don't think I can actually!

*What made you audition for the show?
It's a platform for your name to get out there and build a fan base if nothing else.

*You obviously can't audition for The Voice right now, but if you had the chance, would you pick it over the X Factor?
I don't know! :)

*I want to know about your turtle backpack, there's obviously a story there.
I watch Jenna Marbles videos on YouTube, and I asked for one for my 14th Birthday!

*You sang "Blackbird" during the auditions, why did you  pick that song?
It's such a beautiful song, and growing up around folk festivals I'd heard it quite often. The Beatles are amazing! :D

*Were you overwhelmed by the audience and the judges reaction?
I was! I couldn't hear myself sing at times over the audience screaming. I was so excited to get a standing ovation from 4000 people and Ronan!

*When you were shown saying that if singing didn't work out you'll be happy being a hairdresser or a policewoman, you earlier told me that the show edited it to sound like that, what did you really mean there?
I said when I was little, I went through the stages of Hairdresser, policewoman, lawyer etc. Just like the kids around me. But I'd always had a feeling that I wanted to be a musician. It's the only thing I want to do.

*You looked really relaxed during super bootcamp, did you actually have as much fun as it seems you did?
I was actually quite nervous! I just seem to manage hiding it quite easily. But yeah, I had heaps of fun! Some of the other contestants and I were jamming until early hours of the morning.

*You said New York was a dream destination for you, tell me about it.
We didn't really get to see that much there. We spent about 10 minutes in Times Square and then had to get back to "work" so to speak. Although, the shopping was amazing.

*You sang "Never Let Me Go" at Judges Homes, why that song?
The first time I heard it was on the ad for a movie about the titanic (Not the one with Leo DiCaprio) on Channel 7. I thought it was a really beautiful song and I learnt it. When it was time to choose a song for Home Visits, I thought it showed my vocal skills, and emotional connection to the song. I also wanted to show versatility without singing Stereotypical pop.

*You were my favourite contestant and I was really sad to see you go, how did you feel when Nat said no to you?
At first I was quite upset (as you could see) but the more I've thought about it, I think it was a blessing in disguise. This way I can still go to all my folk festivals, have another year of experience, and if I do come back next year, I'll know what I'm getting myself into.

*Nat said to you that she was unsure if you'd be able to handle the different themes, do you wish you had shown more versatility?
I sang The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Gotye, Elton John and Florence and the Machine. If that's not versatility, I don't know what is. Even Bella Ferraro sang folky/alternative songs... Not once did she sing "pop"

*How would you describe the overall experience?
I'd say that I've learned a lot about television, and how it all works. I think the best part was meeting people who are just as passionate about music as I am.

*I want to ask you about some of your original songs now, what can you tell me about your first original, "Daddy's little girl"?
I actually wrote it when I was annoyed at my dad, I can't even remember what about, but pretty much it's about how I know for a fact, that even if I have my own kids, I'll still be his little girl and he'll still be over-protective.

*I've seen your other original song "Missing Link", what's the meaning of it?
I wrote it at bootcamp, when I went to call someone close to me who passed away and tell her that I made it through. I realised there wasn't going to be anyone on the receiving end of the call.

*Are you planning on auditioning for the X Factor again next year? I'd definitely like to see you back
I'm not sure. I'll see where my music takes me in the next year. I might, I might not.

*Would you dare to predict who'll win?
I have a feeling it will be a group, but I could be wrong.
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