Last week we finally saw the awful Kedebon Colim leaving the competition when he faced Daddy's Home in the final showdown. I've no doubt that no one will miss him. Since we are already down to the Top 5, I've decided to include all the remaining acts into this post, so it's basically a recap now. The final 5 will be singing "Revival songs", which would be a cover of a cover. I know, weird and boring. Who picks this themes?

Highlights after the JUMP ...

Gabriel Maturan


"Moonlight Over Paris" (Vanessa Williams) - Paolo Santos - Boys - The reason I've never posted about him before is because he sounds like your average karaoke singer. He's very bland, picture a Filipino version of Bieber, and his performances have zero emotion. Is his face paralyzed or what? Tonight, besides looking ridiculous with his leather jacket, his vocals were as boring as staring at the celling. The performance didn't build up to anything, it was rather one dimensional and despite his tone is nice, this had to be the worst performance of the night.

Allen Sta. Maria


"Teenage Dream" (Katy Perry) - Darren Criss of Glee - Girls - I've convinced myself that Charice is an awful mentor. She hasn't done anything right since the competition started with Allen. She's been ok for KZ but for Allen it's trainwreck after trainwreck. The song choice was right for her cause it showed her upbeat side, at least it was better than the awful Disney performance she did last week, but Allen just couldn't sing this song properly. She was off many times and the outfits looked hideous. She'll be here next week but if she keeps doing this there's no way she'll win.

Daddy's Home


"Tell Me" (Joey Albert) - Side A - Groups - If you thought the past to weeks were boring, this performance was incredibly dull. They do have good voices but their mentor ruins it by giving them this type of songs and it's uninteresting. This guys are like a cat, how many lives do they have? They keep dodging the bullet week after week and it's clear that it's their time to go by now.

KZ Tandingan


"Make You Feel My Love" (Bob Dylan) - Adele - Girls -This song would've been perfect for any of the contestants but I'm glad it was KZ the one who's got it, cause it's arguably the best song choice tonight. KZ can definitely emote, there's not a single performance in which I don't feel the connection with the lyrics. Her tone is pure and has a lot of depth and despite a few pitch issues, the performance was gorgeous. The one problem I've now is that I'm not sure how much people are voting for her. Is she the clear frontrunner as Ida (XF Denmark) or can an underdog like Little Mix (XF UK) steal her crown?


Jeric Medina


"Do You Believe In Me" (Eric Gadd) - South Border - Boys - Jeric had his days counted from the beginning. He's been overwhelming from the start and his performance always had issues, he wasn't as consistent as KZ and that's mainly the reason he was eliminated. Tonight he delivered another solid performance but his voice lacked a lot of soul, he wasn't connecting either, and it showed. He also looked lost with so many dancers around him, it was super distracting. When facing Daddy's Home in the B2, the judges went to deadlock, and unsurprisingly, Jeric was the contestant with the least amount of votes. Had he done a better job with his voice and personality, he could've won.

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