Boyband Take Off left the competition last week, when they faced Joan Da in the B2, who arguably, gave her best performance to date. There's only 1 Group remaining, 2 Girls, 3 Boys and 1 Over. The remaining 7 contestants will be singing songs from the 80s, a boring and predictable theme, though it should give us some good performances.

Highlights after the JUMP ...

Jeric Medina


"Careless Whisper" (George Michael) - Boys - He genuinely delivered tonight with his soulful heartfelt cover of George Michael's hit. He lost his voice when he tried hitting that long note but besides that, it sounded damn great. He's got such beautiful grit to his voice and now I can say I've finally got to like him. Yeah, the performance was uneven but somehow he managed to show a honest connection to the song and finally reached to me.

Allen Sta. Maria


"Every Breath You Take" (The Police) - Girls - I've gotta give her points for trying. The rap at the beginning was quite interesting and for some reason the performance felt incredibly good. Allen's swag was back, though I'm not sure the ghetto look worked, she could be a current recording artist and has a lot of star potential. I loved that ending, she didn't rush it and the phrasing was excellent, plus it allowed her vocals shine during that final line. Her best performance by far and also, one of the best performances of the season.

Daddy's Home


"Will You Still Love Me?" (Chicago) - Groups - Thankfully, they've toned down the cheese greatly. No kids, no choir and most importantly, no shirts with their kids pics. It felt a little old fashioned, after all, it's an 80s song, but they could have at least made it a little more current. Despite the tight harmonies, the vocals were a little uneven, specially the lead's who's generally flawless. It sounded good but it was boring overall, I expected much more from them.

KZ Tandingan


"Eternal Flame" (The Bangles) - Girls - Not her strongest performance but still a pretty solid one. She didn't do much to the song, the arrangement was almost nonexistent, but her voice sounded as beautiful as always. The candles behind her were extremely cheesy but I managed to get past that cause she's such a great performer that she could sell "Jingle Bells" to me. It improved towards the end, when it started getting some momentum and she did that scat thing that I love. She's the front runner, I don't think there's a way to stop her now.


Joan Da


"Billie Jean" (Michael Jackson) - Overs - Joan has always barley made it. The first week she ended up in the B2 and she never truly recovered from that. Last week, she found herself there again and this week, when she ended in the bottom again along Allen, who delivered her best performance, she just couldn't hold on any longer. But let's talk about her performance. Her "Billie Jean" cover reminded me to Aiden Grimshaw's "Thriller". The staging was really similar to his and the arrangement was also quite alike. Another contestant who covered this song and also sounded rather similar was Drew during the XF US S1 and fun fact, she was also eliminated with it, so I guess the song is cursed. Joan's got a beautiful tone but the performance had too much going on, she should've just kept it simile like she did the past week. It's a shame we'll not see her next week, cause she definitely deserved a place over contestants like Gabriel and Kedebon. I wish the best to her, I hope we get to see her in the future.


Do you disagree with me? Anyone else you think I should've added?
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