Boring Modesto Taran left the competition the past week, with even his own mentor voting to eliminate him. This week, the contestants will be singing original pinoy music and 8 will become 7. Will a new fave emerge tonight or will an old fave continue its race to the top?

Highlights after the JUMP ...

Jeric Medina


"Akin Ka Na Lang" (Itchyworms) - Boys - Jeric went the uptempo route this week and let me say it didn't pay off for him this time. He's much better with the soulful songs he's been singing the past weeks though this song fit his voice surprisingly well, leaving some off moments aside. This was yet another imperfect performance for Jeric and if he doesn't step it up soon, he'll be out faster than you say "What?".

Allen Sta. Maria


"Hanggang May Kailanman" (Carol Banawa) - Girls - After weeks of missteps, Allen's finally made a step in the right direction. Who thought "Bitch" was a good performance? Probably no one, that's because that song wasn't suitable for her. This one whoever, is right up her alley. Yeah, I'd like her to go back to Evanescence or something with a little more swag but this showcased her voice beautifully and let us know that she's got a lot of range. Despite that, it did sounded a little Disney to me and I'm not sure that's what Charice wanted to accomplish here. Either way, this should give her a couple more weeks at least.

Daddy's Home


"Paraiso" (Smokey Mountain) - Groups - The only reason I included this performance is because it was completely ridiculous and totally calculated. First they pick a cheesy song. Second they get a choir. And finally, not only did they print their kids faces on their shirts but they also brought them on stage with them to sing. There was too much going on there and the only explanation I could find for them to bring their families on stage was to get more votes. Their voices sounded ok but it was all that was happening behind them that caught my attention, in a bad way.

KZ Tandingan


"Ang Huling El Bimbo" (Eraserheads) - Girls - I asked myself if KZ was able to have an off night last week and finally, it seemed she is. This was KZ's worst performance to date. Don't get me wrong, KZ's amazing and her worst performance is still a great performance but it wasn't up to her standards. For some reason it felt dull to me, maybe it was the song choice or maybe the arrangement, which didn't let her do much with her voice. Her voice is beautiful though and I can forgive her this performance, after all, her "In the End" cover won this show for me.

Joan Da


"Nobela" (Join The Club) - Overs - Joan's in full swing lately! She was the best performer last week and she's also the top contestant tonight. Everything about her delivery was beautifully done, from the arrangement to her vocals to her dress. She and her mentor thought about every single detail to make this performance as beautiful as it could be and Joan pulled it off effortlessly. This performance was like a piece of heaven for my ears, it was just sublime. And despite all that, she still ended in the B2. What does a girl have to do to avoide it?



Take Off


Groups - A boring group unable to harmonize and with a considerable lack of style and despite all that, they managed to outlast AKA Jam. You probably wonder why, well, cause they are a boyband, duh, I shouldn't even point that out.

Do you disagree with me? Anyone else you think I should've added?
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