Yesterday, I attended the American Idol Tour 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio and what a show it was. I have always dreamed of getting to attend one of these concerts and it finally happened. So, lets get started!

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Throughout this recap I will be mentioning my friend Andy who is my roommate here at college. He is a big ball of energy and it was his first concert as well! Needless to say, we were both extremely excited to be going to this. As we walked into the US Bank Arena we knew instantly that this was going to be an amazing experience. We got there a little bit on the early side, so the show didn't start for another 30 minutes. But, as soon as the lights went out everybody started to scream and there was Ryan Seacrest on the screen welcoming everybody to the concert. Let the party begin!

The concert opened up with this very interesting but cool meteor presentation with each meteor representing one of the top 10. Each meteor exploded on the ground and there popped up one of the idols. During this process, Phillip and Colton by far got the loudest applause. The first performance began with all of the top 10 (excluding Phillip) singing "Sing" by Chemical Romance. It was a nice way to start the show! The all sounded really good!

Then, the first solo performance was Deandre singing Master Blaster. He got the crowd on their feet and he danced all around the stage. His voice is really cool actually, and he has great energy.

Hollie and Skylar made their way to the stage performing "Undo It" by Carrie Underwood. Although Hollie did a good job, Skylar was the clear standout in this performance. Skylar was born to sing country!

Next, the beautiful Erika Van Pelt came onto stage and performed an absolutely stunning version of Pink's "Glitter In The Air." She looked beautiful. Her outfit was by far the prettiest of the night. She got a big applause after she was done and rightfully so. She shouldn't have went out at number 10 that is for sure! Hopefully, she has great success after this show.

Next, Colton, Joshua, and Hollie joined Erika to perform "Moves Like Jagger," which got everyone back on their feet. It was a pretty good performance, it didn't blow me away and Hollie was a little off key in parts. But, overall not terrible.

Heejun Han got his whatever you want to call it moment next. He performed Green Light, and it was just too slow and he just didn't sound good. He could have picked something much better. I don't believe that he knows what kind of artist that he wants to be.

After Green Light, Jessica and Deandre made their ways to the stage and performed "Party Rock Anthem, 'by LMFAO. Heejun surprisingly wasn't a horrible rapper, and Jessica was a good rapper which was a pleasant surprise. But, this was a fun performance, nothing that blew me away though just fun.

Next, the guys of the top 10 (excluding Phillip again) came to the stage and performed "Everybody Talks," by Neon Trees. Honestly this performance was nothing special, but if I had to pick a stand out it would be Colton. His voice fit this song the best.

Elise Testone was the next idol to grace the stage. She came out guns blazing with a Led Zepplin Classic that she did on the show. It was FANTASTIC. I absolutely love her voice. The grit and growl that she has to her voice is amazing. The high note that she hit was out of this world.

She then performed her own version of the classic Adele song "Rumor Has It." I love the changes that she made to it because she made it her own. She sang the song great and once her again her growl made the performance even better.

Colton Dixon's  mini concert was next. He was lucky and got to perform three songs, the majority of the crowd didn't mind that though because they all seem to absolutely love Colton Dixon. He began his segment with Meant to Live which was alright i guess. Nothing to scream about though which I guess most of the audience there would disagree with me about. But, that is why everybody has an opinion. haha.

Next, Colton did an original song called Never Gone. It was actually pretty good, I think that it could be a pretty big hit for him and everyone else in the crowd really loved it.

Lastly, Colton did the classic Billy Joel song "Piano Man." It was Colton's best performance of the season on Idol and it didn't dissapoint in person either.

The last performance of the before intermission was a mash up of "Just the Way You Are," by Bruno Mars and "That's What Makes you Beautiful," by One Direction. It was a pretty good way to end just an okay first half. The standouts for the First half were easily Erika and Elise.

The Second half began with Jessica Sanchez making her presence known. I really love Jessica Sanchez. I truly believe that she has the potential to become a vocal prodigy. After, hearing her live I still believe that. Her voice is just sooo powerful! She came out singing a Beyonce's The Best Thing I Never Had, and it was just like being a Beyonce concert. The only difference is that Jessica has a bit more grit to her voice than Beyonce which I love!

Next, Jessica did an interesting but fantastic take on Prince's song "How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore."

Lastly, Jessica got everybody on their feet by rocking out to the classic Tina Turner song, "Proud Mary." My only complaint is that I think Jessica could have worked it just a bit more. But, I still love her and think that she is an absolute star!

Next came Reba... Oops I mean Skylar Laine... Skylar sounds so much like Reba. She is such a little spitfire. Skylar came out rocking to Miranda Lambert's, "Gunpowder and Lead" and really worked the crowd. She stomps her little feet and gets lost in the song. It was great.

Next, she belted out Stay With Me and at the end of the song she hit an amazingly high note and it blew me away. She was the surprise for me tonight, and i truly believe that one day she could become a big country star.

Hollie Cavanagh started her segment of the concert with "Rolling In The Deep," by Adele. Honestly, I wasn't crazy about this like I was when she performed this on the show. It was good, but it didn't leave the impact on me that I thought it would.

Hollie next sang "Give Your Heart A Break," by Demi Lovato, and she did a really good job with this song. Hollie was good, but she didn't stick out like some of the other contestants did.

Joshua Ledet brought his precious self to the stage and started off with "Runaway Baby," by Bruno Mars. It was a fun performance!

But, Joshua absolutely brought the arena to their feet when he performed "This Is A Man's World," by the late James Brown. OH MY GOD is all I have to say about that performance. It was just absolutely amazing!

Jessica came out for a duet of "I Knew You Were Waiting," originally by Aretha Franklin and George Michael's. They did a really good job with this song, just like they did on the show.

Here came Phillip Phillips the American Idol for this season, and the crowd literally flipped out! Phillip came out and rocked to "Superstition," by Stevie Wonder. He actually did a decent job with it. I didn't like it when he did it on the show. But, hearing it live was actually a pleasant surprise.

Next, Phillip kind of bored me to tears with his take of "Nice and Slow," by Usher.

Elise joined Phillip for "Somebody that I used to Know," which Phillip did pretty well, and Elise did great as expected. The song suited both of their voices really well.

Jessica helped Phillip out with Volcano, which was actually a really nice performance. Phillip really connected to the song, and Jessica looked absolutely stunning her red dress.

Last but not least, Phillip finished his session with his successful single Home. He performed it well, thanks to Deandre and Colton being there to help him with the high notes.

The concert closed out with the girls singing Pink's "Raise Your Glass," which was really good. Next, the guys came out and sang a verse of Glad You Came only to be joined by the girls to finish the song out. Everybody got to wave high to the crowd, and that was the end of a great second half.


After the concert, me and my roommate went outside and waited to meet the idols. We had to wait about 20 minutes so it wasn't that bad. Skylar came out first, and she was really nice. Her country twang is so cute! Elise came out next, and she has the cutest little smile! Erika came out and she gave off such a friendly vibe. She has a great fun personality and would be a blast to hang out with. Jessica, Phillip, and Deandre then came out together, and the crowd went wild! I was also jumping up and down and screaming like a little girl.. haha. Jessica, was so sweet, we got her to the picture for us! Phillip was very kind and such a gentlemen, and was VERY CUTE! Deandre was very calm but so cool. He wore the black glasses and it made his look adorable. He touched Andy's hair and Andy got to touch his! He was the nicest out of them all! Colton Dixon came out shortly after that and he was very talkative and super nice! Lastly, Heejun came out and he didn't really talk to anyone, he was pretty blah. Joshua Ledet never showed up :/ I got a few pictures that I will post!

Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3Pic 4Pic 5Pic 6Pic 7Pic 8

* Andy is the blonde. I am not in a lot of the pictures, except with Jessica because I really wanted a picture with her. Overall, the concert was really great, and getting to meet them was amazing! Thanks for reading!
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