Tonight wraps up The Voice's three day S3 premiere. It has been an exciting week of auditions and tonight will hopefully not disappoint ... This is The Voice!

Recap after the JUMP ...

Samuel Mouton – 19, Fort Collins, Colorado - He works in a family owned restaurant and likes it but doesn't want to do it for the rest of his life. He is very different  but he's just not my type of singer. He sang the "Redemption Song" and there was nothing special about it to me. I don't understand why all of the judges turned around for him. He ended up going with Adam Levine.

Chris Trousdale – 26, Michigan - He was a part of the successful group named Dream Street. This group had Jessie McCartney in it and they toured the country selling over 1 million records. He decided to sing "Glad You Came" and it was okay. The guy can actually perform really well. He should have went to the X Factor because his chances of making it would have been much better. Nobody turned around for him.

Nelly's Echo – 32, Lagos, Nigeria, now in Baltimore, Maryland - He is originally from Nigeria. His family lived there until he was 16 years old and then they had to abruptly leave because their lives were in danger. Their father had to stay behind but is now reunited with his family. He is singing "Ain't No Sunshine" and does a really good job on the song. He has a fantastic voice. He was able to get Christina and Adam to turn around their chairs. He ended up choosing Christina Aguilera.

2Steel Girls (Allison and Krystal Steel) -  They are a mother/daughter duo from Nashville, Tennessee. They have been singing for a while but have never hit the big time and they hope that The Voice can do that for them. They better hope so, since the mother quit her job just to come to the audition. They decide to take on "Before He Cheats" by the great Carrie Underwood, and actually do a really great job. They both have really powerful country voices. Cee Lo and Blake turn around for them and they went with the obvious choice Blake Shelton.

Up next is a montage of singers who make it but don't choose Cee Lo Green as their coach. Haha. The first is Lisa Scinta singing "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry and she had a really pretty voice. She went with Christina Aguilera as her coach. Next, was MarissaAnn singing "Part of Me" by Katy Perry. She is the youngest contestant thus far this season at the age of 15. She ended up going with Christina Aguilera too. Loren Allred singing "When Love Takes Over" by Kelly Rowland finally ends up choosing Adam Levine as her coach.

Domo – 26, Bronx, New York - She is a professional hip hop dancer. The girl has got too much cockiness for my liking but unlike most of them she has the goods to back up that sass. She decided to sing "Got Cha" I don't know if she has a voice up to the standard of the superstars that she listed off, but she does have a good voice. Cee Lo Green was the only coach to turn around for her. I agree with Christina, he is going to have some fun with that girl. Haha.

Nicolle Nelson – 34, Vermont - She was my absolute favorite tonight. She came out singing "Hallelujah" and put her own beautiful spin on the song. She was able to get all four judges to turn around. They all wanted her so badly, and I don't blame them. She has a really great voice and is my favorite out of everyone that I have heard so far this season. I really hope that she gets the chance to make it to the live shows. She ended up choosing Adam Levine as her coach.

Tonight's show was really good. I believe that it was the best out of the three this week. I really like Nicole Nelson! What did you guys think about tonight's episode?
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