Exquisite Joan Da left the competition last week after failing to impress once more and ending in the B2 along Allen, who arguably delivered her best performance yet. For the remaining six contestants, the theme is songs by Eraserheads and Rivermaya, two Filipino's popular groups during the 90s. I've not many expectations for tonight but hopefully, someone can impress me.

Highlights after the JUMP ...

Jeric Medina


"214" (Rivermaya) - Boys - Another solid performance from Jeric. Not as good as last week's but still strong enough. The song choice was awful though but with this theme, I bet this was probably the best he could do. He seemed to put the right amount of intensity to it and I really enjoyed the raspy big notes he pulled off. The performance was verging on the cheesy, specially when he sang to the girls in the audience. I bet that got him a lot of votes though.

Allen Sta. Maria


"With a Smile" (Eraserheads) - Girls - I had a hard time trying to listen to her voice at the beginning, it was almost inaudible and I'm not sure if she was meant to sing it that way or she just lacked the confidence. I'm not a fan of this song either, it reminded me to one of those songs in a Disney soundtrack. Her voice had some good moments but it was overall quite weak. This was a major step back from last week's epic cover to me. 

Daddy's Home


"Himala" (Rivermaya) - Groups - While the vocals sounded really beautiful, much better than last week, once again, Daddy's Home was incredibly boring. I admit that they quite nailed it towards the end, it was really dynamic and they had some great moments, but the performance as a whole was very lounge-y and sleepy. I think their time may have come.

KZ Tandingan


"Kisapmata" (Rivermaya) - Girls - Another great KZ performance. She gave the song the same treatment she's given many songs before but I didn't really care cause she poured so much emotion into it that I really felt that performance. This performance was like a "In the End" do-over, more like Part 2 actually. It was sincere and heartfelt and that's what I look when I watch a performance. KZ has it all, I'll be really shocked if she doesn't win.


Kedebon Colim


Boys - I'm just gonna say this. Kedebon was an awful singer and didn't deserve a place in the liveshows, not to mention getting into the Top 6, so I was ecstatic that he was eliminated. His expiration date was due even before auditioning for the show and his coach, Martin Nievera, clearly knows nothing about talent.

Do you disagree with me? Anyone else you think I should've added? 
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