It's the beginning of the second week of The Voice. More hopefuls will perform in front of our four judges and we'll also get to see the premiere of Christina Aguilera's "Your Body" music video. In other related news, Christina and Cee Lo are not set to return next season with Colombian star Shakira and RnB singer Usher joining the panel for the 4th cycle ... This is The Voice!

Recap after the JUMP ...

The episode starts off with a short recap of last week. Also, Blake shows off his ACM award, for country male vocalist of the year. I think he will try to use that to his advantage on this episode.

Melanie Martinez – 17, Baldwin, New York - She is really creative and is into art. She is going to be doing her own spin on Birttney Spear's "Toxic." As she starts I am a little on the fence about it. She is so specific but there is also something really great about her. Her voice is so unique and she has some power behind it too. I think the girl has some serious potential. All coaches turn around expect for Christina. Blake and Adam have a bit of a spat over her but Adam Levine ends up to be the victorious one.

Cupid – 32, Lafayette, Louisiana -  This guy created that party song called "The Cupid Shuffle"! I love that song! Haha. Cupid doesn't want to be know as a one hit wonder, so he has come to The Voice to become a "two, three or four hit wonder." He is also going to be singing this song for his audition. He starts off, and he sings and performs his own song very well. He has a great buttery and soulful voice. The problem with this audition is that he sung a song that put him in this label as a one hit wonder. So, he isn't really doing nothing for himself. The coaches said the exact same thing to him, since none of the turned around for him. Cee Lo told him to sing something else and he sang "Let's Get It On" by the great Marvin Gaye. This performance was so much better, it showed off his vocals so much more and he would have probably got chosen by one of the coaches if he would have sang this instead of his own song.

Brian Scartocci – 26, Austin, Texas - Him and his wife met in high school and became high school sweethearts. However, a couple of years ago they split. He had two children with her and has brought them today along with his mom to his audition. Brian is performing "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder. He is doing a pretty good job on the song but this isn't going to show someone's vocals off that well. Although, two thirds of the way through his performance he hit an insane note that was very impressive. He gets all judges but Christina Aguilera to turn around. Once again Blake and Adam go at it. But, once again Adam Levine is chosen as the mentor.

Beat Frequency (Shawn Lewis and Natasha Neuschwander) – 35 and 27, Vancouver, Washington - The met in church and fell in love with one another. They have gave up a lot to be a duo including a house, jobs, and starting a family. They are singing "ET" by Katy Perry. Natasha starts out and she has a pretty good voice. When they sing together is when the magic happens. They go through the performance and there are some pitchy moments but their harmonies are spot on. As a duo on this show, I think that they are my favorite and show the most potential out of them all. Christina Aguilera was the only coach to turn around.

Tyler Lillestol – 23, Riverside, California - He is a baseball addict. He eventually realized that he wasn't going to become famous because of baseball so Tyler decided to become a singer. Carson Daily invited Tyler to come audition for The Voice after he finished singing the national anthem at the Dodgers Stadium. Tyler is going to be singing Usher's "You Got It Bad" He actually has a very powerful soulful voice. I'm impressed especially after hearing a clip of his less than impressive national anthem performance at the baseball stadium. Surprisingly, none of the judges turned around for him. I thought that he was good though.

Liz Davis – 25, Madison, Mississippi - Liz previously won P. Diddy's starmaker. She dropped out of college at 19 and moved to Nashville to become a singer. Liz sings "Here for the Party" by Gretchen Wilson, which was her best performance on P. Diddy's Starmaker in my opinion. Even though Liz did a good job, this performance was nowhere near as good as it was before. Her voice isn't as good as it once was. She needs to get back into rehearsing all the time because the girl had a killer voice, now it's just a good voice. Christina, Blake, and Adam turned around for her. But, Blake Shelton's academy award got him Liz's seal of approval to be her mentor.

JR Aquino – 24, Anchorage, Alaska - He is a big hit on youtube with over 45 million hits. He is here to make the big time though. He is singing "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars. Christina and Adam turn around right at the same time and I don't blame them. He is a really good vocalist with a powerful voice but, there is something missing. I think that it's star quality. He is just a good singer and I don't think anything else. Now watch he will win this and sell millions of records because I said that. So, you're welcome J.R. Haha. Cee Lo also turns around for him. In the end he went with Cee Lo Green.

Agina Alvarez – 23, San Diego, California - She was signed to a record label and made a latin album. She made music videos and was played on the radio and thought that she had finally made i but the record label dropped her, and soon after that her father lost his job so they all had to move back to San Diego, where she lives now, and start over again. This is her big chance. Agina is going to be singing "Turn The Beat Around" She has a big powerful voice, but it was way too much! She really oversang the song and if she would have chilled it out a little, she would have probably got one of the coaches to turn around for her. Blake really regretted not turning around but that's how the show works!

Nicholas David – 31, Eagan, Minnesota - He was in a band that was known for drinking. They drank all of the time and before he knew it, he was 300 pounds. Thankfully, he soon met the love of his life, his wife Krista. After meeting her, he stopped drinking and they had a child together. Now, he wants to make a better life for his family. Nicholas is singing "Stand By Me". His voice is alright, but he just isn't my cup of tea. Cee Lo Green turned around for him and became his coach.

Alessandra Guercio – 17, Brooklyn, New York - She currently attends La Guardia high school which is known as the Fame school. This school has a strong background in music, so she feels it has really helped her prepare for today. She is singing "The Climb" and definetly has a pretty voice, but she sounds a little on the nasally side for my likings. Alessandra ended up going with Adam Levine as her coach.

Up next is a montage of young girls who made it though. First was 15 year old Adanna Duru who sang "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga  and ended up joining Adam Levine. Next is another 15 year old named Kelly Crapa. She was a pretty good singer and was ultimately picked by Blake Shelton. Lastly, we see 16 year old Paulina Cerrilla. To me she sounded an absolute mess but, she motivated Christina Aguilera to turn her chair around.

Avery Wilson - 16, Hamden, Connecticut - He didn't want to be a singer at first, he wanted to be a dancer. Avery would sing in his room and his father would sneak up and listen to him. His dad told him he is not meant to be a dancer, he is meant to be a singer. So, he is giving it a shot. He is singing "With or Without You" David Guetta. He has a fantastic voice and great control. He literally has the perfect voice. Buttery, soulful, powerful, amazing control, a dancer and connected to the song. He has it all! All four judges turned around for him and after a big debate Avery went with Cee Lo Green.

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