The three night extravaganza continues as the second episode of The Voice's fall cycle airs tonight.

Recap after the JUMP ...

Adriana Louise – 22, Brooklyn, New York - When she was younger a gang tried to get her father to give them all of the money that he had in a safe at his business, but he wouldn’t let that happen. So the gang took him home and held his whole family at hostage. But the police arrived in the nick of time. She is singing "Domino" by Jessie J, and was really good! The gurl can belt!. All four judges turned around and after a big fight, she eventually went with Team Christina. A good choice on her part, and Christina was so happy about it.

Casey Muesiggman - 22, Spencer, Iowa - He has two passions, music and wrestling, but he was injured and so, he gained a bigger passion for music. He is singing "Sweet Home Alabama". Blake turns his chair around first, which is not surprising. He is actually doing a pretty darn good job and I am not the biggest fan of country male singers. Cee Lo Green also turns his chair around for him. Blake Shelton really wants him and he gets him!

Aquile – 24, San Diego, California - He was punched in the jaw when he was 19 and his jaw had to be wired shut for six weeks. While having his jaw wired shut he learned to play guitar which sparked his interest in music. He is going to be doing his own version of "Your Song" by Elton John. He has a very buttery voice, which I love! He is a real charmer on stage and he didn’t over do the song which I also loved. All of the judges but Blake Shelton turned around. Aquile ended up going with Christina Aguilera.

Ryan Fogarty – 28, Nashville, Tennessee - He helps out with Leanne Rymes. He is going to be singing tomorrow. He is a decent singer, but in my opinion he isn’t good enough. Just like he said he is a karaoke singer, and that’s as far as it will go with him I’m afraid. There are some really pitchy moments actually. I’m glad that the judges didn’t turn around for him.  

 Next there was a montage of people who didn’t make it on the show. They were all pretty bad.

Mackenzie Bourg – 19, Lafayette, Louisiana - He was diagnosed with a virus that made all of his organs shut down. He was put into a sleep induced comma and thankfully, he made it through. He is singing "Pumped Up Kicks". He has a very interesting voice, and he is rather current even though his voice isn’t that powerful. Cee Lo Green is the only coach to turn around his chair. Mackenzie gets better and better as he performs actually. I do kind of like him although I question if his voice is strong enough to get him past the battle rounds.

Julio Cesar Castillo – 21, Chicago, Illinois - He started singing a classic Mariachi song La Bamba, and Blake instantly turns around. He has a very powerful voice, and overall was surprisingly good. He won’t win though. Blake and Cee Lo both turned their chairs around, and he ends up going with Blake Shelton. It will be interesting to see what happens with him.

Overall tonight's auditions were kind of blah. There were a couple of good people, but nobody that blew my mind away. The best tonight was Adriana Louise. 

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