UPDATE 2:  Matt Gresham's been sounding highly suspicious. Could it be him returning? Still no confirmation.

Shocking news! XF finalists, Josh Brookes, has been disqualified from the competition. Here's an official statement:
UPDATE 2: Matt Gresham's posted the following on his Facebook account:
Can't believe this news
So what exactly could it be? He's either back to the show, got signed or his having a blast during his birthday. Make your assumptions. Haha

UPDATE: Carmelo just pretty much hinted he's returning to the show, though after posting that comment he said he doesn't know if he'll be coming back yet.
Hey guys. I don't want to be irreverent for poor Joshe's situation today but the competition has just gotten really fierce, if you want to show your support please let the XF know!! and I'll do my best to rock the stage and hopefully do Josh Brookes justice too!
Official Statement:
The X Factor contestant, Josh Brookes, has been disqualified from the program, effective immediately.

During an out of hours social media session Josh behaved in an inappropriate manner that put him in breach of his responsibilities to the program.

After a careful review of the incident, FremantleMedia Australia, producers of the program, together with Channel Seven made a joint decision to remove him from the competition.

Josh will return home to Perth.

An announcement on the new contestant will be made in the coming days.

Apparently, he did a livestream with fans and was rude to the other contestants while being high and drunk. He always seemed to have a strong attitude but I didn't thought it could get him DQ. Now that he's gone, a new contestant will be announced. Also, according to Josh, Carmelo will be taking his spot but no announcement has been made by the show.

So here are the possibilities: 
  1. Adil Memon comes back
  2. One of the guys Mel eliminated at the JH, Matt Gresham, Matt Cenere or Carmelo Munzone, returns to the show
  3. One eliminated contestant from the other judges returns, as Amelia Lily did last year during the XF UK, in that case, I'd say please bring Vendulka back!. 
I'd bet on option 2 though, it seems like the most likely.
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