Season 2 came back guns blazing last night with an entertaining premiere but unfortunately, ratings were rather disappointing , though I suspect that is due to the direct competition with The Voice. Hopefully tonight's episode will attract more viewers and showcase some more talented contestants. Everybody sit back and relax ... It's time to face the music!

Recap after the JUMP ...

Tonight the show opens up with a short recap of the contestants who performed last night and also featured a little clip of Demi and Simon having a fight with some cake. They once again showcase people's reaction to Brittney Spears, which to me is starting to get a little annoying.

Johnny Maxwell - 16 - Casher Valley, California - "All These People", original - Johnny has been striving to do this all of his life. His performance was rather weak in my opinion. His actual singing was off key. He is a good rapper though, and does have a good style. He won't go that far in the competition still, unless he gets lucky like Chris Rene did last year. I would have personally said no to the guy but all four judges said yes to him. After he is told yes his family runs on stage and he breaks down and cries which was nice to see.

Lexa Berman - 22 - "Too Close" by Alex Claire - She has a bad attitude problem. This girl thinks she has it all. Simon says she's a cross between Jersey Shore and the Kardashians. She starts to sing and it's just not good enough. I have heard worse but this just isn't going to make the cut. Brittney says she is boring. Demi said that she is gorgeous but overconfident. Simon likes her but said his problem is most people won't like her. It's three nos and a yes.

Next, there's a montage of people who didn't make it through. The judges (especially LA) are beginning to get annoyed because they haven't found that  one person who has been amazing yet.

Jason Brock - 34 - "New York State Of Mind" by Billy Joel - Does Tech Support for a job. He is totally gay, which I love! He is very talkative and is a super sweet guy who thinks he's amazing when he sings. He describes his perfect liveshow when he comes on stage and it's insanely dramatic but it sounds like it would be a show that I would like to see. When he starts to sing  you can tell that he has talent and it gets better and better throughout his performance. All judges excluding Simon give him a standing ovation. Simon says that he loved his audition. Brittney said that it was "Magnificento" LA Reid called it Flawless and amazing, while Demi said that he oozes with joy. I can see this guy going a long way in the competition. He has an amazing voice and has the likability factor. He gets four easy yeses.

The show now shifts to Providence, Rhode Island.

Patrick Ford - "Circus" by Brittney Spears - He thinks he is Brittney Spears's brother and got her some flowers. He is one of those scary stalkers. Brittney seems a little freaked out about this whole thing. He is extremely shouty and just god awful. Simon compares his performance to having an argument with Brittney Spears and then screaming the song to her. The only word that Brittney says to him is "No" and it really upsets him. After getting four nos he just stands there and it makes for an extremely awkward TV moment. He is heartbroken but says that he still loves Brittney.

After the break, there is a cake made for the XF judges by a culinary class only to have it's icing shoved in Demi Lovato's face thanks to Simon.

Carly Rose Sonenclar - 13 - "Feeling Good" by Nina Simon - She has been singing since she was very young and has always had the support of her parents. She is super nervous but says that it's a good thing. The judges are surprised by her song choice and don't seem very thrilled about it. As soon as she sings the first few notes you can tell that this is going to be amazing. She has an incredible alto tone to her voice. The girl can also rift for her age. Her voice is so pure and mature and to me, she's going to be the Rachel Crow of this year. I expect huge things from her. She brought all of the judges to their feet. Simon said that he didn't believe that it was her singing. LA says her soul is very old, while Brittney claimed that she was a diva! I absolutely love her, my favorite contestant thus far of the competition. She got four big yeses.

The show ended with a short montage of clips for the upcoming auditions. It looks like there is a lot of drama and talent to come which is exciting.

Tonight's episode was so much better than last night's episode. The talent shown tonight was great! Carly and Jason are amazing vocalist who I believe will make it to the live shows. I am really pumped for the rest of this season now. Thanks, everybody for reading and tune in next week to read what happens on the X Factor US.

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