Hello everyone and welcome to another week of the X Factor US. Last week we were introduced to two new judges. One being Disney star Demi Lovato and the other pop princess Brittney Spears. Despite the star power among the judges, there was a significant lack of talent among the contestants but hopefully that'll change this week. So sit back and relax because it's time to face the music!.

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Tonight we'll be seeing auditions from Kansas City, Missouri. Simon Cowell won't be in Kansas City due to a bad case of bronchitis. Instead, he is sending in his right hand, Louis Walsh, to take over. Louis has been a judge on the X Factor UK since the very first season. Yes, he is another Randy Jackson but nowhere near as annoying!

Rizzloe Jones - 18  - Kansas City, Missouri -  He is a freestyle rapper. He really wants to inspire people with his music. He said that he is a little nervous but extremely excited. He is going to freestyle and make a rap up on the spot. He tells LA  Reid to choose a subject to prove that it is freestyle and he's rather creative and does his "XF" freestyle, which LA chose for him. He did a pretty good job I guess, rap isn't my thing so I'm not really impressed. Also, Rizzloe comes off very cocky and just really full of himself. So, I just don't like him. After he completed his little rap, LA and Louis say that they think he is a new pop star, with Brittney and Demi quickly agreeing. He gets 4 yeses and moves on to bootcamp.

CeCe Frey - 20 - "Unchained Melody"/ "Ain't No Other Man" - CeCe works for the postal service and doesn't really enjoy her job. She believes that she has what it takes to become a pop star. When she comes onto stage she is brave enough to announce to everyone that she believes that she is more talented than any of the other auditionees. When she starts singing it's so dull! Demi seemed to agree with me since she stopped her very shortly after she began. CeCe then changed her song to "Aint No Other Man" by the great Christina Aguilera. Cece shows that she has a little power to her voice but she couldn't control her rifts very well and was extremely breathy. I also think that this girl is very annoying and has a bad attitude. What is up with all of the bad attitudes tonight? All of the judges rambled about how amazing she was and explained that she has the X Factor when in reality she really doesn't. She got 4 yeses and moves on to bootcamp. I think the judges need their ears cleaned up tonight.

Vino Alan - 39 - "Trouble" - Vino comes off as one of those tough guys who in reality are just big ole teddy bears. He has a 15 year old son that means the world to him. He is doing to provide a much better life for his son. He plays shows for the U.S. Military and he enjoys it a lot. He says that he is also ready to work hard to make his name known in the music business. His voice has a great tone that suits the song well. It's not perfect, but he has a really powerful voice with some good grit to it. Josh Krajick from last season comes into mind when I listen to Vino sing. Finally some actual talent! All of the judges agree that they he is very talented and he receives 4 yeses and moves on to bootcamp!

DeAngelo Wallace - 19 - "With You" Chris Brown - This kid has one of the worst attitudes I have ever seen on one of these shows. He thinks he is the best thing that was put on this Earth. I can't stand him. These attitudes are going to make my hair turn grey tonight I swear. He comes out onto stage and tells LA Reid that he is better than Justin Beiber. The kid had no stage presence when he's singing. The judges actually walked off the stage while he was performing, which was really funny. This was just as god awful as I hoped that it would be. Of course he went all diva-ish about it and claimed that they were all devil worshipers. He decided to steal their mic because they didn't let him through. So the cops were notified and he was arrested. It was actually pretty entertaining. He said that it wouldn't be any big deal because he would be bailed out within a few hours, which was the case, but not without being charged with a misdemeanor. It was 4 Nos for DeAngelo.

Tate Stevens - 37 - "Anything Goes" - He is just one of those good ole country boys. His friends and family have pushed him to come to the X Factor. He didn't try to audition beforehand because raising his kids was more important at the time, but now that they are grown up he feels like this is his time. Tate's current occupation is street construction. When asked by the judges what he would do with the 5 million dollars he said he was going to have a big ass party and that everyone was invited! Tate is going to be singing "Anything Goes" by Randy Alger. He has a very good country sounding voice. The country fans will be eating him up. He is doing a good job on the song, and I usually don't get into country singers that much but he is pretty good. The judges and audience absolutely love him. He has such a likeable personality so I can see him going a long way in this competition if he makes it to the live rounds. All of the judges give him rave reviews and he gets 4 yeses and is moving on to bootcamp.

Now the show shifts to San Francisco. Simon has returned!!

Citizen - 21 - 25 - "Don't Let Go" - They look like a nice group of boys who actually have their heads screwed on the right way. They come off as very likeable and if they sound good, they could go a long way in this competition. They actually did a pretty decent job with the song. Their harmonies were pretty spot on, which is something that is missing from some of the new boybands out there now. I believe that they are my favorite group so far if I'm basing it on vocal talent. They also did their own choreography and it was good too! LA, Demi, and Brittney really liked them, as did I, but Simon complained about them being too old fashioned and he surprisingly gave them a No. Luckily it only takes 3 yeses to get through, so thanks to the other three judges we will have the opportunity to see this group again in bootcamp.

Diamond White - 13 - "This Is A Man's World" - Diamond and her mother share a small one bedroom apartment together. They have to share a bed at night and Diamond doesn't really like it at all. She wants to win to give her and her mother a much better life. Diamond also doesn't have a father that is around for her, so it seems like this girl has already been through a lot in the short amount of time that she has been on this earth.  She did a good job on the song, but I don't think her voice has fully developed yet. It sounded like she had a hard time controlling her lower register in my honest opinion. That could have just been because of nerves but it was a little too shaky for my liking. She did a good job hitting those powerful high notes though, which is impressive for her age. She is 13 years old, if she came back in 3 or 4 years I believe that she would be fantastic. So, I really wish she wouldn't have got the 4 yeses. But, she has the potential to turn into this year's Rachel Crow.

Ally Brooke - 19 - "On My Knees" - She comes off as a cute, spunky, and fun girl. This wasn't what I was expecting to come out of her mouth but she has a really pretty tone to her voice and I love her falsetto. The control she has over her voice is pretty remarkable. Simon and all of the other judges absolutely loved her. I think Ally is good but I just don't think she has what it takes to win this competition. Although, I really enjoyed her voice I also think that her audition was a little bit on the boring side. She got 4 yeses from the judges. Maybe she will spice things up a bit in bootcamp.

Brandan Hassan - 16 - "Trouble" - He is very attractive for his age and his voice makes him even more attractive but this version of "Trouble" wasn't as good as Vino's from earlier this episode. His looks could carry him far in the competition though.

Normani Hamilton  - 18 - "Chain of Fools" by Aretha Franklin - I've heard this song done better in the past but she did a decent job with it. She really knows how to work the crowd.

Sister C - They are a group of three sisters who all had names starting with C. I'm not sure of the name of the song they sang but I really loved these girls. They had great harmonies and really have the potential to go far in this competition if they keep giving performances like they did here.

Jeremiah and Josh - They decided to sing an original song that wasn't horrible but wasn't that great either. They are very good looking though, so that may help them get farther in the competition. Brittney said that she wanted them to wake her up in the mornings but she meant it in the opposite way that every perverted person in America took it. She was so embarrassed, but I thought her reaction to it was the cutest thing ever.

Panda Ross - 42 - "Bring It On Home" - OMG she is amazing! The best personality of any reality singing competition contestant ever! She reminds me of Aunt Bam from Tyler Perry's "Madea's Big Happy Family". She is incredible funny and extremely likeable. She could totally win this show just based on personality Sadly, she has Pneumonia and had been in the hospital for the past week, and got out the day before her audition. Panda is also in love with Mr. Simon Cowell. She wore a necklace that said single on it for him. It was so funny seeing her interact with Simon on stage. Simon asked her how she got her name and it turns out that her mother was in jail when she was born and her mother's cell mate was white and her mom was black so they came up with Panda. Go figure. Haha! All of the judges cracked up over that though. Panda starts to perform and  I am so glad that she has a good singing voice. I was worried that she wasn't going to be able to sing but I love that she can! Her voice is extremely old fashioned and insanely soulful, which I think makes her even better! America will fall in love with this woman I really do believe that they will. The judges really loved her and gave her 4 big yeses! Shortly after he audition Panda had to go to the hospital because she apparently isn't over her Pneumonia yet. Hopefully that will all be taken care of by the time we see her in bootcamp.

Jessica Espinoza - 22 - "Nobody Knows" - Jessica and her family have been through some very rough times in life. They're poor so Jessica says that she knows what it is like to be hungry and just living life the hard way. This means the world to her and her family. She is nervous but extremely excited. When she got on stage she was already getting very emotional. When she gets emotional her Mexican roots come out and you can really hear her accent, which I love! Jessica decides to perform Pink's "Nobody Knows." She starts out and I know that she has a ton of talent but when she hits the chorus something goes a little off. Jessica has a  real heavy grit to her voice, and I'm afraid she needs to learn how to control it and use it a little less. Even though I love a good growler this is just too heavy for my tastes. All in all, the girl has an enormous amount of potential and with some work could go on and win this thing. The judges really loved her and proclaimed that another star has been found for the 5th time tonight at least. She gets 4 yeses! I look forward to seeing her in bootcamp!

Tonight's episode was a big improvement compared to last week. There was more talent showcased tonight and there was a lot of good drama. The only thing that I have to complain about is the over pimping by the judges. They are making a lot of the contestants sound better than what they actually are. Hopefully that changes for bootcamp and for the live shows. Tonight, has been the best episode so far and I can't wait to see what is in store for tomorrow. Thanks for reading everyone. Feel free to leave comments below! I'll be back to do this again all over tomorrow

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