Welcome to another night of The Voice. I thought this was going to be the last week of auditions but sadly it isn't, looks like we are going to have to deal with at least one more audition episode next week. I'm already tired of auditions, I'm ready to get to the battles and see what kind of drama these new changes will bring, but until then I guess we will see if we find a winner tonight!

Recap and videos after the JUMP ...

Michelle Brooks-Thompson - 28, from Sunderland, MA - Michelle's husband almost had his dreams come true by getting to join the NFL but it all got swept away from him at the last minute. So she is now trying to make her dreams come true. She does an amazing job with the song. Michelle has a great range and has the power to back it up! She was able to get all the judges but Blake to turn around. They all gave her praise for her incredible vocal talent. She is my favorite thus far of the season I believe. I totally think she can make it far! She ended up choosing Adam Levine as her coach.

Diego Val - 25, from Peru / now Miami, FL - When he was younger he had a disease that kept him from being able to walk. He eventually made a full recovery and now sings for little children at hospitals because he knows how it can help them heal. Diego came on stage and delivered his own version of the Neon Trees "Animal". I'm not sure how I am feeling about this cover honestly. He kinda took the fun out the song and it was just dull compared to the original. Cee Lo Green was the only coach to turn around for hm.

Lauren Brooke - 24, from Pawling, NY -  She has been singing since she was 10 years old. Her father actually built her a stage to perform in their own living room when she was young. She also went through school with dyslexia and music has helped her. Lauren's uncle passed away four years ago. He also had a learning disorder and was her biggest fan so it was extremely hard for her to cope with his passing. He gave her the encouragement to write music. Lauren says that she is here for him today. When she starts to sing, it starts out weak. She is also very pitchy throughout the performance. It actually was a pretty big mess. No coach turned around for her which is not surprising. She seems like a sweet girl, but she has to be on pitch!

Suzanna Choffel - 32, from Austin, TX - Her tone is amazing! She has a calm and beautiful voice. She is a special talent and will go far in this competition if she makes it to the live shows. She got Adam and Blake to turn around for her. She ended up going with Blake Shelton.

We get to see a montage of Blake's picks. Michaela Paige (16, from Boca Raton, FL) and Ryan Jirovec join him.

Dez Duron - 22, from Shreveport, LA -  He was at Yale University and was on the football team. He tried out last year but none of the coaches turned around for him. It really upset Christina last year after she saw his face. He does so much better this year. He has a lot more control and power to his voice, I was pretty impressed actually. He got all coaches but Adam Levine to turn around. He ends up choosing Christina Aguilera.

VJ Rosales - 25, from Bellflower, CA - He teaches music at a conservatory. His mom and dad got him instruments for Christmas and he instantly became hooked with music. He absolutely loves  teaching his students but he wants to make it big time now. He totally has a man crush on coach Cee Lo Green. I'm not loving his rendition at all, it's very weak and his falsetto is a mess. He doesn't get any judges to turn around for him, which doesn't surprise me.

Alexis Marceaux - 23, from New Orleans, LA - Alexis was heavily impacted by hurricane Katrina. Her house was absolutely destroyed and they couldn't save anything. After the hurricane, music helped her get her back on her feet and move past this tragic event. She does pretty good with the song. She's not amazing but not horrible either. She does hit a few pitchy notes here and there throughout the performance. I don't see her making it far in this competition. Cee Lo Green was the only coach to turn around for her.

Another montage. Sam James (from Worcester, MA) is picked by Adam, Laura Vivas (from West Palm Beach, FL) is chosen by Christina and Lelia Broussard (from Los Angeles, CA) goes with Blake.

Brandon Mahone - 17, from Chicago, IL / Indiana -  Classical, old soul background, such as The Tempations, Sam Cooke and Gladis Knight. He had to deal with gangs in Chicago, so he moved to Indianapolis. You can tell he has an old soul in his voice. However, this performance didn't have that one big powerhouse note moment that I need to hear in order to be completely sold on him. This performance was good but I think he could have picked a better song. Every coach but Blake turned around for Brandon. He ended up choosing Adam Levine as his coach.

Jeffrey James - 25, from Brownsburg, IN - He has 2 jobs where he can still do music, but he is ready to make it big time. I was not thrilled when he said that he was going to be doing this song. But, he actually does a pretty good job on it. I was a little surprised nobody tuned around for him. He obviously wasn't very happy at all with the coaches.

Jordan Pruitt - 21, from Loganville, GA -  She had a recording contract with Disney. She toured with Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens and The Cheetah Girls. She is singing a song that is hard to sing live in my opinion. She does a really good job with her performance. She has great control over her voice and has the real star look. Christina Aguilera becomes her coach.

Terisa Griffin - 42, from Chicago, IL  - She ended up living in her own car for a while trying to pursue her carer but Jerry Lewis saw her and got her on her feet by getting her a place. She has years of experience. She seems like a big ball of energy. This really means a lot to her. She makes the song her own and has a fabulous voice!  She chooses Blake Shelton.

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