Welcome to another recap of the X Factor US. Last night was by far the best episode we've seen to date, with the stand-outs including the hilarious Panda Ross and country singer Tate Stevens. I am really looking forward to this episode. Hopefully we'll get some amazing vocalists! ... It's time to face the music!

Recap after the JUMP ...

Tonight we are treated with the auditions from Greensboro, North Carolina. The Judges all seem to be pretty excited to be in Greensboro, Simon especially! Simon wanted to try some grits, and ended up being late. Oh Simon, you are quite the little diva. Haha.

Willie Jones - 17 - "Turn The Lights Down Low" - Shreveport, Louisiana - He goes to the mall for fun, apparently that is what every teenager in Shreveport does, but I think that is what every teenager does nowadays. When he comes out on stage, Demi says that his style is very "Fresh Prince of Bellaire." He is singing a classy Josh Turner country song. The exact same AI S10 winner Scotty McCreary is known for. Willie does a pretty good job with it but it's not as good as Scotty's version or the original. This audition has the shock factor to it because Willie isn't white, he is a black country singer and that is something that is pretty rare. Like I said, Willie did a good job but there were some weak moments. He can hit the low notes just fine but I think he may have a little trouble hitting the higher notes. The judges absolutely love Willie, and tell everyone to remember this day! He got 4 big yeses and off to bootcamp!

Kalvin McManigle - 47 - He is a Law Mower Factory Worker in North Carolina. He is about as redneck as you can get. He is a nice fella but there is just something a little off about him. I'm not sure what song he is singing because he doesn't even know but when he starts to sing you can't understand a thing that he is saying and his dancing is hilarious! The judges got a kick out of him though. He loves Brittney and she said that she was afraid that she may be related to him. The judges gave him 4 nos in their best country accents.

Julie Bullock - 18 - "Pumped Up Kicks" - Charlotte, North Carolina - She was in a band who is there to support her today. One of the band members is her ex boyfriend Christian, who is just having a really rough time dealing with all of this. The band feels like if she makes it through that the band is over for good, and he is still in love with her, and misses dating her. She seems like a nice person but she really wants to become a single artist instead of being in a band. She starts singing and she is really talented! She has an amazing tone to her voice! The judges absolutely love her and Simon tells her that today is the day she becomes an artist and it is time to leave the band behind. She gets 4 enthusiastic yeses and it's really hard for her ex boyfriend to swallow this.

Jeffrey Adam Gutt - 36 - "Hallelujah" - Detroit, Michigan - He has a four year old son who he wants to provide a wonderful life for. He is dying for this record deal and you can tell that he has a lot of heart. I don't like his song choice, just because this song has been done soooo many times on these singing shows but his version was actually really good. He has a real grit to his voice and has that rocker's scream in him. I was really impressed with him. The judges absolutely loved him. Simon said that it was one of the best auditions that he has ever seen. He also gets 4 yeses and will be heading to bootcamp!

Krysten Colon - 21 - "Don't You Remember"/ "I Have Nothing" - She is a hair stylist, which is pretty easy to tell because she had her hair all done up and looking really good. Krysten wants to have an occupation where she doesn't have to stand on her feet for 14 hours everyday. Krysten was actually introduced to us in the middle of this episode but was told to come back because when she performed the Adele song, it just wasn't up to par and there wasn't anything special about it. It seemed like her nerves had got the best of her. So, she was asked to come back later. When she came back she performed the Whitney Houston song, and oh my god did it suck! It was awful! She could actually sing the Adele song somewhat but she was pitchy the whole way through "I Have Nothing". She had to have been incredibly nervous to sound as bad as she did. The judges gave her 4 nos and told her that she wasn't cut for the business. She took it really hard and became angry. She even threw water at the camera men and was threatening to hit them with a chair that she picked up. She eventually ran out of the arena into the rain, and embarrassed her whole family. Looks like Krysten will never have a career in music now.

So that wraps up another week of the X Factor US. This episode in particular was just okay for me. I really liked Jessica Bullock and Jeffrey Adam Gutt was pretty good too. I'm looking forward to next week and hope that it is the last week of auditions.
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