There's been lots of controversy this week. After Adil Memon's elimination, he and fellow contestant Josh Brookes went on a live stream with fans, in which Josh made some unfortunate comments, so the producers decided to disqualify him. Since Adil was also part of it, he wasn't allowed to come back either and then mystery began. Who's gonna replace Josh? Will it be one of the JH boys such as Matt Gresham or Carmelo? Or will it be a someone totally different, like Vendulka? ... It's time to face the music!

Recap, videos and POLL after the JUMP ...


First up, we get to know the identity of Josh's replacement and Mel's second boy. It's Carmelo Munzone! The guy who should've made it over Jason Owen. Personally, I was rooting for Matt Gresham, since he was overall better during his JH performance but I've no doubt Carmelo will be a great contestants. On another note, Mel looked really bummed.

Angel Tupai


"Young Hearts Run Free" - 7,5/10 - "My idea of a party would be groove and smile and shake my booty. Haha. Mom don't kill me please!" Angel isn't partying with her turban this week, she calls it a surprise and Nat's the only one that knows it. "It's gonna be a showstopper", Nat says. The big surprise is that Angel has gone blond and has a crazy cut but it actually looks good on her. She enters the stage sitting on a throne surrounded by dancers in dresses. It all keeps the African vibe she's going on. Describing it makes it sound weird but it does have a great visual effect. Nat really knows how to work that stage! The vocals were strong but there was too much going on and it got me a little distracted. I was entertained, for sure, but I lost my focus on her vocals, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. She's a star though and this performance proved she can work the stage.

Jason Owen


"Dancing in the Moonlight" - 2/10 - Jason originally hates Mel's song, it makes him feel sick. "I just wasn't comfortable with the song and I was frightened that I was gonna let Mel down". His initial reaction to puke was right cause now he's making me want to puke too. Mel's staging is almost as atrocious as Jason's dancing. The song is titled "Dancing in the Moonlight" so why not make Jason dance in front of a moon picture? The Glee moves, as Guy pointed last week, are back and this time more exaggerated than ever. If that's what a party in Alberta looks like, I now know why only 12 people live there.



"Blame It on the Boogie" - 6,5/10 - "We really want to prove that we are here for a reason and we've what it takes to be the best". Mel thinks they should forget about the props and the dancing and just sing. Ronan instead, wants them to sleep with the chairs if necessary to remember the choreography, which they actually do. Haha. Their dancing is in sync but their vocals are once again a bit off. Much better than last weak but off nonetheless. Mel's advice was right, they need to just sing cause all they've to do affects their vocals and it's a shame cause they're probably the best male singers. I didn't really like the song either, it's party night, not 70s night. I liked the ending a lot though, had the whole performance been like that, it would've been a showstopper, cause that was sick! Everyone loved it, should I get my ears checked?

Nathaniel Willemse


"Canned Heat" - 7/10 - "I  love partying. I love to dance, do my doggie every now and then, it's sort of the only move I know. I'm not the best dancer". Guy tells Nathaniel that he's gonna dance a lot more tonight. For someone who claims he only knows how to do the doggie, he certainly busted some moves, not Fortunate level but decent enough. I know I couldn't have done that. I enjoyed his voice but where did Guy got this song from? It was very old fashioned even for Nathaniel and we know he can do current, as he did in bootcamp. He was a little out of breath here and there and that final note was off but overall, it was still really good. He's still a contender.

Bella Ferraro


"What Makes You Beautiful" - 6/10 - Bella thinks Mel would've picked a Spice Girls song for her last week. She doesn't think party isn't really her. Nat thinks it's a good song choice. Seriously Nat? Bella and 1D? Cute arrangement, the song is slowed down to fit Bella's voice but I can't really decide whether I liked it or not. She sounded better than last week but the performance was a little one note. Nat advised her not to do too much with her voice but now I hope she had. It sounded beautiful but honestly, it was a little boring. I admit she pulled it off though, it must have been hard to do that. Idiot Guy points out it's not a party version of the song. Aren't the contestants supposed to arrange the themes to fit their voices? Cause that's exactly what Bella did. Mel is a bigger idiot and tells Bella that she wouldn't have her sing a Spice Girls song and that until she sold 75 million albums she can't comment like that. The girl was just making a joke, you are the adult Mel. Mel is no longer Scary Spice, she's Stupid Spice. However, Ronan proves to be the biggest idiot telling Nat she can't do this to Bella because this is not a party song and this isn't how it works. It's exactly how it works Ronan, Nat did a good job, get over it.

What About Tonight


"Year 3000" - 3/10 - A girl blacked out last week because of their atrocious performance. They'd to go backstage and apologize to her. Or something like that. Mel wonders if WAT can handle proper choreography cause she's always seen them jumping around. The guys enter the stage jumping, answering Mel's question. So Ronan considers this song a party song but not Bella's? This song sucks, it just does. I admit their vocals were better than last week but they are just a mediocre 1D rip-off. Guy says he heard them backstage singing acapella and it sounded awesome. He tries to prove it to us but fails miserably. That didn't sound awesome,  it was more like painful. Mel's still pissed with Nat and asks her if she meant that the Spice Girls were a manufactured pop act cause they made all their decisions, blah, blah, blah. Nat says she didn't. What's wrong with Mel tonight?

Justin Standley


"Bohemian Rhapsody" - 3/10 -"I don't party. I'm old". Well, it shows. Justin had a really hard time getting the initial note right and he didn't improve cause he still had the same issue tonight. This is to big of a song for him. He's a decent singer but he can't take on this huge song, awful song choice Guy. His voice sounded awful and it was all rather karaoke at best and that's cause I don't want to say it sounded like he was singing under the shower. Pitchy, shouty and honestly and too overdramatic. Just plain awful.

Carmelo Munzone


"Everlasting Love" - 8,5/10 -"Bringing a replacement on in the middle of the show, there're so many dynamics that you've to think of. I needed to find somebody that was different, somebody that can handle the pressure and vocally somebody that it's good enough to stand against all the other contestants", Mel says. Carmelo had two days to learn his song. The performance is off to an ok start but as it goes on it gets better and better. He's a terrific performer who should've made it in the first place, he deserves to be here more than Jason does and his got a killer soulful voice. I also love the way he smiles while singing. One of the best performances so far, plus he only had two days! Imagine what he could done with a whole week. There's no doubt he'll be safe tonight.

Samantha Jade


"Freefallin" - 8,5/10 - Samantha didn't deserve to end in the B2 last week so I'm really glad she stayed. "I've been doing a lot of ballads so this will be totally different for me". Guy says he was shocked Sami was in the B2, it scared him. Oh god. Not another platform! Thankfully, she stepped down from it and danced a little, which is what she needed to do. Her vocals were amazing, it really impressed me, specially during the start. There were a little flat parts here and there but as Ronan pointed, that was the song's fault, it didn't go anywhere. The staging looked cool, it was probably the only one that actually looked like a party. I'm still worried for her but if she ends in the bottom after this, something is clearly wrong with Australia.

Shiane Hawke


"I Heard It Through the Grapevine" - 8/10 - "My idea of a party would probably be going to the water park with my friends". Her rehearsal is atrocious, she says it's because she didn't know it anyway. She starts crying as she usually does. Once again, I love this arrangement. The only reason I'm enjoying Shiane now is because of Nat and her great choices. Her performances always have this cool jazzy feel and Shiane's vocals are actually sounding really great for this past two weeks. I can indeed see her becoming a Duffy like artist. Yes, there are off moments, but overall, her performances are entertaining and fun, I enjoyed it. The judges point that Shiane needs to improve her pronunciation but honestly, I really didn't care much about it, though it's true she's a problem with it.

The Collective


"Footloose" - 8/10 - Can I say that I'm getting tired of Ronan's hyperboles? Last week's performance was good but it wasn't the best performance ever on XF worldwide. Mel says "Footloose" is one of her favourite songs. The staging was really cheesy and so were them but their vocals were once more stellar. William's rap was the highlight as usual and shockingly, Zach's vocals were really interesting. I liked "Domino" better but they definitely have a real shot of winning this competition. LOL at Ronan jumping like a little fangirl at the end.

  1. Samantha Jade
  2. Carmelo Munzone
  3. Shiane Hawke 
  4.  The Collective
  5. Angel Tupai
  6. Nathaniel Willemse 
  7. Fourtunate
  8. Bella Ferraro
  9. What About Tonight
  10. Justin Standley
  11. Jason Owen 
B2 Prediction: 

Justin Standley and Fortunate 


Justin Standley


Bottom 2:

Nathaniel Willemse
What About Tonight

Guy isn't here tonight. He's in the US where he'll perform his newest single, "Battle Scars" in "Late Show with David Letterman". I guess since I predicted Justin would be eliminated he had to be called out safe second. Another shock tonight! When I saw WAT, Nathaniel and Bella left, I was expecting WAT to be safe so I'm more than glad to see they ended in the B2, now I hope the judges chose wisely and send them home, cause after all, we already have two more boybands. I can see a deadlock happening though.

What About Tonight  - "The Way You Make Me Feel" - They alternate to sing and as you'd expect it's awful. None of them has the talent to be a soloist, that's why they are in a boyband after all, so this may not have been the most clever decision. They should have sang together as they always do. They wouldn't have sounded any better cause their harmonies are awful but at least they would've felt a little more like the WAT we've seen before.

Nathaniel Willemse - "It Will Rain" - Beautiful vocals though they were clearly affected by his nerves. He looked quite terrified but he was still much more superior than WAT. He's a class singer and even if this was his worst performance he deserves to stay over Ronan's group.

Guy: We are told that Guy has given instructions that if one of his acts ended up in the B2, his vote will automatically go to the other contestant. That was pretty obvious, wasn't it Luke? So that's one for WAT.
Ronan: "Nathaniel is an incredible singer but there's loads of great singers out there in Australia. Australia has an opportunity to have a band, to equal and rival 1D. The other judges need to think about this. They need to think what's best for the XF. The act that I'm sending home is Nathaniel"

Nat: "WAT, from the beginning you just came out here and gave so much love and energy to the audience. Nathaniel I loved your voice from the moment I heard it. It moves me. I'm not a strategic person, the act I'm sending home tonight is WAT"
Mel: "I thought I had a pretty good idea of who would be in the B2 and I was completely wrong. That leaves me with the question. Who's voting and who're they voting for? So, for me, I'm gonna take it to deadlock and let the public decide"

What About Tonight

WOW!! I didn't see this coming! I was so sure Nathaniel was going home when it went to deadlock. I just didn't see him getting more votes than WAT. But somehow, he did and now the mediocre WAT are out of the competition. This shows that Ronan should've never picked three groups as his top 3. Had he went with Good Question, he may still have three acts. But I understand what he did, he wanted the public to pick the best boyband, they did and it's not WAT.
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