The night we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. We are down to 12 and the stakes are higher than ever as the remaining finalists take the stage in the first liveshow of the season. With only one disappointment during the Home Visits, Vendulka being eliminated for the second time in a row, we've got an almost ideal bunch of finalists. The judges have picked the song they think is most suitable for their acts this week, will they get it right? ... It's time to face the music!

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"#thatPOWER" - 7/10 - They've been put together as a group just a few weeks ago but they've already bonded on so many levels. They've been teaching each other new things. Jordan and Kelebek have been teaching Jacinta how to beatbox. Nat says they are in her Top 3 because they've something unique and fresh. She thanks the other judges for helping her win the show by putting them together. This is the best group we've got this year so I was expecting the performance to be much more exciting than it was. I mean, it was a cool cover but I hate this song so much I couldn't fully enjoy it. Jordan's voice could've been stronger, Kelebek's rapping was annoying and Jacinta was really underused. I wanted more. "Talk about starting with a burn. The problem when you got together, you were three big personalities, you know what, that's the best thing about this group" (Dannii)

Barry Southgate

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"When I Get You Alone" - 6,5/10 - According to Dannii, he's found his mojo. Barry lives with some family friends. "It's cool because I don't have any real family here, it's good to have a surrogate family because they are my support away from home" he says. Dannii gave it this song because its sexy. He doesn't want to be cheesy. I wonder what Dannii will have to say about this. Considering she called his first performance, which was a lot better, pedestrian, I'm not sure what she'll think of this. Now that she's his mentor, it'll all be good stuff obviously. Barry did well enough with the song but he somehow got lost with all that was going on around him and his vocals were nothing special. His smile will probably get him votes though. "I know you guys all thought, when I saw you first and I was raving about how hot you were and all that hormonal pregnant stuff, I still feel the same!" (Nat)

Jiordan Tolli

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"Smile" - 7,5/10 - She loves cooking, baking macaroons, eating macaroons. She's got a very close relationship with her cat, she talks to them and they talk back to her. She's cray cray. Foo wanted to do something risky with her. Why on earth did he think this was a good song choice? At the very least, it's not a disaster. Jiordan's gorgeous voice saves it from that yet there must have been hundred of better picks. I like the song but not for someone who sounds so similar to the original. That aside, her vocals were incredibly pretty, the ad libs at the end specially. "I love your voice. I'll never forget your first audition, that stayed with me. You're just glowing, it's incredible" (Ronan)

Taylor Henderson

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"I Won't Let You Go" - 8/10 - He lives in a small town called Ceres. He lives on a farm with his dad and his two sisters. Taylor's very close to his dad, they've a similar sense of humour, "which is unfortunate for him" his dad says. Ronan says this is one of his all time favourites. Small wonder, since this is such a great tune. Taylor does an amazing job with it, beautiful, dynamic vocals. It was nice to see him without his guitar again, he looked a lot more comfortable than during his previous performance, yet, as Nat pointed out, he needs to start believing his good without it as well. "I just love seeing different facets of you. I enjoyed it, you got it, let the audience, let them in" (Foo)

Cat Vas

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"Addicted To Love" - 8,5/10 - Family is her number 1 priority. She loves singing with his nieces and nephew. Cat thinks this is an unusual song for her. Dannii isn't sure Cat will be able to cope with everything that's been thrown at her. This isn't the bundle of nerves we've met before. Dannii worked her magic on Cat and she's better than ever. A perfect song for Cat, her tone and vibrato did magic with it. I thought the start was exceptional, the way she delivered those first few notes without any music was impressive. I  also wasn't expecting her to get on her knees and while I thought she looked a little overwhelmed at times, she really sold the performance. "Oh my goodness. I thought you looked good but I didn't know you looked good! That's a new Cat. That's spectacular, you're coming down like an angel from the sky and your voice. Loved it" (Foo)


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"Run The World (Girls)" - 4/10 -They work at a chicken take away shop in the market. They sing all the time at work. "It's a girl anthem so it definitely represents us cause we're an all girl group" they say. Damn, Natalie. This group had loads of potential but now all their chances seem to have vanished in thin air. This song is awful and their vocals are even worse. Everything is a mess, it's hard even to point a single thing out. Their sassiness just didn't translate with this aggressive song, as Dannii suggested, I would've done with something a lot softer, a lot softer. "Firstly, I love the transformation. Great song choice, little bit obvious but I like what I've seen. This is only the beginning" (Ronan)

Ellie Lovegrove

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"Songbird" - 5,5/10 -She mentors young aboriginal kids. She thinks being proud of what they doing and following their dreams is really important. She's got a huge family, they mean everything to her. Ellie thinks about her family when she sings this song because it's one of her sister's favourites. A very pitchy performance. Not the best way of proving you deserved this spot by ruining that song girl. It had some pretty moments here and there but it just wasn't as amazing as it needed to be. On top of that, it was quite boring, had she pulled me in with her vocals, it would've been a different story. "I saw this strength and this beauty in you, you are that, you just bring it on stage and add a tiny bit of confidence to that voice. We love your voice, just believe in it" (Dannii)


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"Everything Has Changed" - 6/10 -They live with their mom in Brisbane. They love going to the beach. "JTR, three cute brothers that can sing, tick, tick, tick" Nat says. She wants them to eyeball the girls in the audience. Such an annoying trio. I wouldn't mind them if they weren't so mediocre.But the truth is they are. Their harmonies are awful and their voices screechy. I can already seem them coasting on their looks. I can always hope for a What About Tonight shocker though. "Your vocals have got to be better, you're brothers. Your harmonies should be better than anybody else in this contest. I love you guys, I loved your first audition, I didn't feel you got better, but what I see here is incredibly exciting" (Ronan)

Omar Dean

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"Numb" - 5/10 - He lives with his two parents and his 9 y/o brother. His little brother wants to sing like Omar. He looks up for his brother, "he's the best older brother in the world" he says. He thinks working with Ronan is awesome. He sends Omar to dance classes to work on his timing. This is somewhat disappointing. Omar is a much better singer than this song makes him sound. Ronan aimed to high, it's good taking risks but not this early. His dancing is kinda awkward and his voice doesn't really work with this upbeat tune, plus his falsetto was so off it made the performance sound really amateurish. "I actually liked the song choice. This is the issue with me, your falsetto is your strength and in the falsetto I thought it was really weak. If you're gonna do it, you're gotta sore" (Nat) Ronan can't believe it, even when all the other judges agree with Nat.

Dami Im

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"One" - 9/10 - She lives with her husband Noah. They just got married so they're still completely in love. He hopes Australia will love her as much as he love her. He obviously speaks very little English. Dannii gives her a classic song which everyone knows. To her shock, Dami has never heard it. Well, this is a surprise. I guess everyone was counting Dami out, including myself, but she just proved us wrong. She kicked it out of the park, I've no idea where she got all that energy from. Huge, huge vocals and perfect pitch. She reminded me to Kitty Brucknell at times, a much more likable version. The judges give her a deserved standing ovation. "What just happened? What just happened? OMG. That was amazing. Where did you come from? She never heard that song, she sang it like she wrote it. Magnificent" (Foo)


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"Sweet Nothing" - 8/10 - She loves hanging out with the girls but her closest friend is her sister. Foo thinks this is the perfect song for her to shine. He thinks it's got a little bit of everything, it's soft, it's powerful, it's emotional, and that's what he think she is. While I don't think this was the best song for her style, it actually worked better than I expected it too. I just love her tone so much, I doubt I'll ever dislike one of her performances. It's got this airy quality I think could fit any song she picks. A cool performance, who thought Redfoo had it in him? "I love your voice. You stood up on that stage, I thought the same thing as Ronan, it's a video clip. This is great, you are already this artist and you are just coming to perform one of your songs. Love it" (Nat)

Jai Waetford

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"Fix You" - 7/10 - Of course they saved Jai for the end. He's got a pet lizard. He only lost it once, it was under the bed. "This is a massive song, it's a monster" Ronan says. Eh, this is nice. It's not as incredible as everyone makes it sound but it's much better than some of the performances we've seen tonight. Jai's got such a sweet, pure voice, with the right songs, he could be very good. I'm already hating the amount of pimping he's getting but at least he's not atrocious. "Wow, wow, wow. You are a sweetheart. The music industry always needs someone who has that purity and that innocence but you can convey lyrics of songs you shouldn't be able to do, it's insane" (Dannii)


  1. Dami Im
  2. Cat Vas
  3. Joelle
  4. Taylor Henderson
  5. Jiordan Tolli
  7. Jai Waetford
  8. Barry Southgate
  9. JTR
  10. Ellie Lovegrove
  11. Omar Dean
  12. Adira-Belle
B2 Prediction:

Ellie Lovegrove


Bottom 2:

Barry Southgate

Adira-Belle - "Chain of Fools" - Unfortunately for them, this wasn't any better than their previous performance. They are sassy girls but their song choices are so off this week. The vocals were a bit better than yesterday but it still had several issues. So much potential ruined.

Barry Southgate - "Irreplaceable" - I'd have guessed his smile was going to save him, apparently, it didn't. As with Adira-Belle, Barry isn't any better here. It's quite mediocre to be honest. There's nothing new to him, he's just good karaoke singer at this point. He's not interesting enough to keep me interested for 10 weeks. I'd keep the girls.

"Barry, I do feel you've a great voice. I thought you did a great job tonight, you sang really well.  I adore you girls, I think you've got so much spunk and attitude. I'm gutted that you're here because I feel like Australia hasn't gotten to see that side yet. The act that I'm sending home is Barry"  (Nat)
"Girls, I think you've done a great job. Barry, I can't fault what you've done, you've given it everything. The act I'm sending home is Adira-Belle" (Dannii)
"Seeing both performances, to me is who wanted it bad. Seeing you, Barry, I'm glad I saw this because I got to see you. I could tell that, Adira-Belle, you guys want this so much. Sometimes I just question, do you guys have the experience? The act I'm sending home is Adira-Belle" (Redfoo)
"Adira-Belle, you came out fighting. That attitude and that sass you'd tonight is what we were looking for last night. For me, I'm not sure you'll survive. Barry, you sang with heart. You've got to give that on your live performance. The act I'm sending home is Adira-Belle" (Ronan)



Nat is disappointed with Australia. She should be disappointed with herself. She gave the girls such an awful song  that not even spotless vocals could've saved them. The vocals were a disaster but that's another thing. Oh well, someone had to go first, even though I kinda wanted it to be Barry or JTR.
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