The wonderful Joelle returned to the competition after being eliminated by Ronan last year and gave us a phenomenal cover of "Don't You Worry Child". Former The Voice Australia contestant, Mitchell Thompson also gave fame another shot, earning 4 yeses. Will yet another returnee wow us? ... It's time to face the music!

Recap after the jump ...

Jiordan Tolli - 18 - "People Help The People" - She thanks her parents for the boy's name. This is her first singing audition. This is very Bella Ferraro sounding. She wasn't as mesmerizing as Bella was but there's a similar quality about her voice. I loved her enunciation, it made every word sound a lot prettier. There's raw potential here, with some original and fresh songs, she could do really well. Nat thought she was captivating, pure and honest. Ronan tells her she's got what it takes to win the XF. - 4 yeses

Omar Dean - 19 - "Climax" - He started singing during the beginning of high school. He didn't have much friends so he used music as his only friend. He tried putting  covers on YouTube but got really bad responses so he decided to take vocal lessons. Impressive falsetto, he's a lot better than I expected him to be. I've never heard this song before but it was quite cool. I want to see more. Nat was really excited about it. "You are dangerous" Dannii claims. - 4 yeses

Riv Ngwenya - 20 - "If I Ain't Got You" -She's really close to her mom. Being on the show would be a dream come true for her. "Just go out and do you proud, you'll be happy with the outcome regardless" her mom told her. A big voice but not as huge as previous contestants like Angel Tupai had. There's space for growth, I'm not too impressed though. "Your voice is smooth as silk. World class" Nat tells her. - 4 yeses

NOA - 19 - "When Doves Cry" - Noa means earthquake in Hebrew and Love in Japanese. He thinks he's the love child of Gaga, Kanye, Nicki Minaj. His dream is to be an everlasting star. "I'm fabulous" he says. He instructed his whole family and friends to wear black. This is bizarre. Mediocre singing, creepy dancing, annoying personality. I can't believe the judges put this guy through. He'll be gone during the first round of boot camp. Redfoo loves the guy, of course he does, and yet he said no to Joelle? - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present) (I like to believe Nat would've said no)

Aaliyah Warren - 14 - "I Found A Boy" - She was raised in Western Australia. They lived in a small fishing town. Moving was a big change for her. She's best friends with her mom, who's sometimes mistaken as her sister. During her mom's wedding, Aaliyah sang and play guitar, moving everyone to tears. Her tone is very pretty but her voice isn't fully developed. The performance wasn't spotless, there's raw talent there. Ronan and Dannii stop her prematurely. "When you guys stopped her I wanted to cry" Redfoo says. Ronan thinks she's not ready and gives her a no. Dannii suggests she could work in a group ... I don't see that. - 2 yeses (Nat wasn't present)

Matt Gresham - 24 - "Ain't No Sunshine" - This is so cool! Matt auditioned last year and made it to the Home Visits but Mel decided to cut him, giving inferior contestants a shot at the live shows. He came back to the show thinking, "let's give it another shot". He says he was all over the place mentally last year.  He feels more grounded and ready for the experience this time around. He's getting married in 3 days! Ronan tells Matt he blew his mind last year. The last time he was here he had broken up with his partner, yet they got back together after the show and now are getting married. This is probably my favourite audition so far. He's such a great performer, the way he delivers each song is remarkable. I loved what he did. He should go far this time around, he better do. Ronan claims Matt was his favourite last year. - 3 yeses (Nat wasn't present)

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