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24 years old quirky Katie Waissel, appeared on the opening X Factor auditions show. The Londoner auditioned with "At Last" by Etta James, and made it past this first round. Rumor has it that Katie is part of the judges houses Top 8, and she is a possible liveshow spot holder! But what many don't know is that Katie isn't just a common hotel receptionist ...

Read more on Katie's past after the JUMP ...

While making some research on her, I found that sweet Katie was the "star" in Sprite's web series "Green Eyed World", which followed Katie's journey through USA in the search of an opportunity in the music bussines. Known as Katie Vogel at that time, Katie got to record several demos and ultimately release her own EP, "Songs From Under the Covers". Recent reports claim that Katie was signed to an US label, Chamberlain Records, and she may only be able to stay on the show if she can prove she's not under contract anymore. I don't think she is, she can't be that stupid.

Buy "Songs From Under the Covers" HERE.

This was Katie's first single, "Whole Lotta Love", which sounds really jazzy and 80ish.

Below, you can watch the final episode from the show, which was sort of a recap of all the others. The "Green Eyed World" channel can be found HERE.

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