This is the third audition show recap, which aired this past Sunday! After two one hour episodes, the final 15 acts advancing to the semi-finals will be reveled. They will compete in three groups of five in three semi-finals, with the winners advancing to the final at the Webley Arena!

Check the audition videos and my comments after the JUMP ...

Little recap ... and we are on! Another recap, now longer, reapeating the same again. It's not about the judges, it's about the music! Stop showing them so much!

Legion of Many

What are they? According to Fearne, they are a music movement. A legion. Strange ... They look unique at least, with those bizarre outfits. Will they impress us? Yes! They are really good! Wierd sound, but interesting. I also like the lead singer's voice, I think he's called Jeremy. Two yeses, why did you put them a no Sharleen? They could be contenders with some better material, that song wasn't too good for me, but I must addmit it was catchy.

They are reapiting it all again, however, I'm not angy anymore. They just like wasting air time, so, if that makes them happy ...

Ashleigh Ashley

What a name! The 23 year old singer/songwriter looks good. Amd also sounds pretty good. I don't like that song tough, it's a bit plain and boring. She got three nos, I was expecting that. As I said, the song was boring, not her voice.

Deanne Keanne

Oh! This doesn't look good! She looks so wierd! OMG! The worst voice I've ever heard! What kind of competition Jamie? Torture? Kick that cat out of the stage!

Reject auditioners. What was that instrument! Dizzee wanted to kill that guy! Ha, funny!

CK Gospel Choir

A big choir! 16 guys will perform a Stevie Wonder's cover "Singed Sealed Delivered". That guy has a hell of a voice! Sharleen just smiled! Come on Fearne, she isn't that cold! Dizzee is dancing! I love them, really, really love them. Standing ovation from Dizzee! Three yeses of course. Best so far tonight! Only negative aspect is that they repeated their name a bit too much, but WOW.

The Pictures

Lead singer Johnny was a footballer but couldn't play anyomore due to an injurie, so he went for music. Will they rock? OMG! I'm so glad you injured man! This is the best band this show will have! His voice is so unique! I can't compare it to anyone, it's so perfect! They sound very similar to The Killers in a way maybe. I want to buy an album, really, really want an album! Only 2 yeses! What happened to you Jamie? No! Don't copy my Killers comparison man! I said it first ...

Dirty Weekend, Chakula Soul, The Trinity Band and New York New York get all three yeses. My favourite, Chakula Soul, whose female vocalists impresse both me and the judges.


He is 46 and is from Lithuania. From the way he speaks and is dressed, he sucks. And yes he does. Come on! You can't come to a show dressed like a cowboy and barely speaking in English! Two nos.

Catherine Wright

She's a pianist. Finally an instrumentalist! Mmm, don't know how I feel about it. The first was a bit boring, but the second is damn good! She's playing Dizzee's "Holiday" and Jamie's "Ever Lasting Love". I really like her after that! She's good! She's through! Ha! Jamie looks really excited! Even more than her!

Billericay Boy

Oh no, what is this! A gay mannequin? No disrespect intended there. I hate him. He's too wierd for any show. His voice isn't bad, but, I don't know, I just don't like him. Two yeses. Oh Lord!

Montage of rap rejects. First are Kingz of Vocals. They are a rap group who wants to impress Dizzee. And they suck! That was crap tells them Dizzee. More crappy acts, and more nos.


He is another rapper! After the loss of his mother at 15, he started writing songs, and he'll sing one of them tonight, which is dedicated to his mother. WOW! That was intense! Very emotional. How can you say no to someone after that! Three yeses and he is through. He's voice isn't as good as I expected, but that song was breathtaking, it told a story and it came from his heart! The perfect rapper!
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