5 new members joined The Supergroup last Sunday. The more interesting to me were Kimberley and Kurt who proved to have one of the best voices. Sisters Phoebe and Tita were familiar to many of us as they were part of The X Factor, and they were not bad at all! Matt's voice, however, was a bit boring to me and very old fashioned.

All bois taken from the DSB site HERE.

Check the members bios after the JUMP ...

Phoebe and Tita Lau

Phoebe and Tita are talented sisters from Bristol who live together in their family home. Their dad, who was born in Hong Kong, owns a Chinese restaurant called the Golden Dragon in Downend. The family eat Chinese food nearly every day and the sisters work at the restaurant. Phoebe loves kids and volunteers for Radio Lollipop at their local hospital. Tita works as a TV Extra and has been on Casualty, Mistresses, and detective drama Lewis to name just a few. Phoebe plays hockey and will soon be heading to the University of the West of England in Bristol to study Marketing and also hopes to play for the hockey team. Tita loves to DJ at home and, aside from performing, she hopes to pursue this as a career. This pair of sisters previously appeared on X Factor 2008 as part of now disbanded "Girlband". Phoebe admits to nerves and losing her confidence at times - she prefers to be part of a group than a soloist. Tita says being voted out of X Factor was the most devastating thing to happen to her as she truly believed it was her big break.

Matt Mills

Matt is a break-dancer from Leeds. Only child Matt came to the DSB Pod audition with his mum who he is very close to – she raised him on her own. He’s just finished his A levels and is taking a couple of years out to get more performance experience. His nan is also a huge support but isn’t in great health at the moment. Matt has developed asthma in the last couple of years which he admits can have its limitations for a performer. From Opera to R&B and Soul, Matt loves to sing all genres of music however he says his training comes from classical church music where he learnt to sing as a chorister at Saint Aiden’s Church in Leeds from the age of 12.

Kimberley Ensor

Kimberley is a singer in a holiday park and in the past, has experienced prejudice from being a slightly bigger girl compared to the standard at dance colleges. She was once told to slim down and rejected from a dance college because of her weight. Kimberley says it was a huge knock for her confidence but that she’s gradually fought her way back. She was eventually accepted and completed her 2 year training at Mountview. She firmly believes people should be judged on their talents as opposed to their size. She loves singing Motown and diva anthems on stage and claims she can do the splits.

Kurt-Jordan Townsend

Ex-brick layer Kurt-Jordan is now studying an HND in Musical Theatre. He has lived with his grandparents from the age of 7 due to difficulties with his mum. His mum has suffered with a drug addiction over the years and recently came out. However, she has been clean from drugs for a year now and Kurt-Jordan is hoping to reconcile their differences soon. Kurt-Jordan has been with his girlfriend Loretta for nearly two years and they met through studying the same Musical Theatre course. Although an MT student, Kurt-Jordan considers himself just a normal lad and enjoys watching rugby and going to the pub to have a few beers. Kurt-Jordan’s friends from home, most of whom are still labourers on building sites, are fully supportive of their performing arts pal. His most memorable performance was at Buckingham Palace at a charity gig in 2007 where he sang a solo in the song Rhythm of Life. His grandparents are his biggest support.
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