This is the last bunch of new contestants!! Next week: LIVE FINAL. We also have the wildcard winners performing tonight with one more finalist coming out of them. That means, 6 acts, 5 wildcard winners and The Supergroup performing, that leaves us with 12 performances to cover! Great show ahead, that's for sure!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

This was a great show! Advancing to the live final are True DynaMix and Swish, who will be performing again next week with the other winners, Three Spires, Singer Station, DaleDiva and The Songtimers, with only one of them winning the chance to record their own album!

The final takes off next Sunday at 5:30 PM.


9 to 5 (Dolly Parton) - They have good voices, but the performance was boring, I'm sorry, but accountants are boring. I mean, the outfits were really horrible and grey! How boring is that? If they wanted to prove they weren't boring, they should have never gone out with those suits. Their voices were too good for those outfits. About their vocals, really good. I loved the voice of the girl who had a solo at the minute, she has a powerful tool!


Give A Damn (A Rocket To The Moon) - I like this girls! They have pretty interesting voices, easpecially the brunette with the blue ribbon.  They were a bit out of tune,  at the beggining mainly, but they were great anyway. The performance was a bit wierd. Pijamas, really? But it was dinamic, when they picked the microphones towards the end it was fantastic. And when they joined in the middle, and sang the line "my lips start to shake", I found their voices very quircky, but in the good way. Oh, Anastacia, you are looking like Ellen now, say something!; your still my favourite judge though.


Waiting For A Star To Fall (CnC Music Factory) -  It seemed cruship, you are right Tamzin! But in a luxurious cruise! They have good voices, but the song choice was really boring, exactly the type they play in cruises. The performance was also a little predictable. Despite all, I enjoyed their performance.


Every Breath You Take (The Police) - I'm not to impressed. When they started I thought they were going to be bad. And they were bad, but not totally bad. The only part I liked about this performance, was the girl who sang that crazy notes at 1:25, who I think is the same in the picture above, she really has some good skills. But the rest, too safe and predictable, and mainly, boring.

Funky Little Choir

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Wham) - The start was a bit rought, but then they started improving and by the end they pulled crazy notes! The lead singers, both the male and the female, were AMAZING. They have crazy voices and they proved they can sing. I agree with the judges in the dancing, it was a bit too simple and they were very still. Enterteining.

True DynaMix

Start Me Up (The Rolling Stones) - They can really sing! The girls have all amazing voices! Really, really powerful and deep. There isn't any bad singer, they have all been blessed with insane voices! They deserve their spot in the final! However, the guys are really unnecesary, they seemed out of place and I couldn't hear any of their voices, the girls could easily make the deep voices males have. But they are a good balance for the dance routines. Best of the night for sure!

The Supergroup

Toxic (Britney Spears) - New member Natalie is really good! Point for me! Her voice is very deep and it seemed that the whole performance was focused on her. Very sexy tango! Best body still goes for Lewis and best voice for Nataylia, but Olivia is just a bit behind her, she has an incredible voice and she makes me remember Laura Izibor for one reason! I think Ashley had a very weak performance, he was really out of tune. And finally I get to see new member Sophie! I didn't know she was so good! Did you know she was in the X Factor this year? And more good news for them! They will be performing on Disneyland Paris this Wednesday, when they will be joined by 5 new members. How exciting is that?!!! Will try to get videos of it!

Wildcard Play Off


Do Your Thing  (Basenment Jaxx)/Voulez Vous (ABBA) - WOW! They 10 times better than the last time! They have all incredible voices, moves and looks! Just amazing. I hope they still record an album and keep performing together because they are made for this! My favourites of the night for sure. I'm so sad to see them leave! I want more Dice, and I think I'll have it!


Feeling Good - My other favourite! As Dice, I hope they record an album too! This performance is so amazing. It fits this song perfectly and they have really terrific vocal abilities. I wonder how they pulled out this concept, it's really genius. Why can't they go to the finals too? I want to cry!

Sing Live

I Want it All/Radio GaGa/One Vision (Queen) - I didn't like them their first time, and I don't like them now. They seem boring to me. If I've to say a good thing about them, it is that I enjoyed the ending. When it started getting faster and faster, that was excellent. The rest, not so much.


Angels/Let Me Entertain You (Robbie Williams) - Oh no! Not this kid again! Hate, hate, hate him! Another bad Bieber colne, and the original isn't good also. The first part was good, "Angels", the two singers who sang it have really improved since the first time. But "Let Me Entertain You" make my ears bleed! How can someone sing so horribly? I don't want them in the final! Dice or MT4UTH deserved that spot much more than they did.

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