6 new groups fight for a spot in the final in this fourth show. Plus, 5 new members join The Supergroup. Remember that DSB takes off next Sunday, August 15, at 6:25 pm on Five.

Read my recap, watch the performances and see who advanced after the JUMP ...

The Songtimers are tonight's winners and are advancing to the final in two weeks time. MT4UTH and Fusion Theatre came in second and third place, and it was MT4UTH who won the judges wild card. Next Sunday, there will be a wildcard show at 6.25 PM, with two groups going through to the final.

The Songtimers

Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson) / Keep Holding On (Avril Lavigne) - At the beggining of this I was thinking, oh no, this will be a total train wreck, but then they all grouped in the middle and started doing some catchy moves with their hands and singing the Avril's tune which I love, and I was already saying WOW. And then, they impressed me again with a fasten-up Man in the Mirror and all I could say was, terrific! The girl that sang the solo in Keep Holding On, and the other who made that shout, were really good, very good voices. They were really entertaining after all, and without any major disasters!


Bat out of Hell (Meatloaf) - The guy, Simon, looks really like Chris Cofler, doesn't he? I loved them! The song choice was perfect and the performance and their voices were divine! I have to say that I hated those dresses, they do give it an etereal vibe, but they were really horrible. The second part of the song was really strong, with the beautiful harmonies the girls did, but the first was good too, specially the beggining, with Simon's solo.


Beggin (Madcon) - The beginning was the best! The girl, Laura, has a terrific voice, that shout was perfect! Plus the scenery looked really pretty! I couldn't tell the other members were there with her, she was the star in this performance. Laura's voice is very theatrical, I feel it a bit operatic, but that's not wrong! I mean, her voice sound similar to those great opera singers. Definitely the best so far! Classy, in tune, synchronized. I never really heard this song like this, and it sound pretty amazing, even better than the original.


Feeling Good - WOW, this is so cool! They look really crazy!  I never figured out this song like this, but it fits it surprisingly well! Loved the voice of the two girls who had a solo! When they raised the red haired it was pretty fun, and I imagine how difficult that is! The lead male vocalist has a terrific voice too! He was perfectly in pitch and he lookd like just having come out of a mental hospital. "I've got to touch Duncan James", yes wierd, you did! The best and my favourite tonight! I'm anxious to see what they will bring next week!

Fusion Theatre

Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves) - I didn't like it. I agree with Anastacia on this, they voices were too imature. They should develop them a bit more. And they also were out of tune. But it was entertaining and, yes, it's a feel good song, but they were too bland compared with the other acts.


 Can't Get You Out Of My Head  / Spinning Around /  Red Blooded Woman /Where The Wild Roses Grow (Kylie Miogue) - Firstly, I don't know if this are really the songs in the mash-up, but it seems to me they were. I enjoyed it but wasn't blown away with it. They had good voices, but I didn't like the way the blended together, it was a bit annoying.

The Supergroup

Keep On Loving You (Reo Speedwagon) - New members voices, Dominic and Olivia's are terrific! Olivia's is very original and sounds like one of the greatest RnB singers. Lucas's however was a bit annoying to me, I don't know why but it was. Ashley has a very good voice too! I haven't realized how good he is.  Lewis and Kurt still have my favourite male voices, and Lewis is the best, he's voice sounds so raspy and contemporary, plus he has the looks! Nicola was stunning tonight! Where has she been? She could go solo and do terrific!

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