5 more new members will join the Supergroup this week, leaving it with a total of 20 members. 10 more members will join in the next two weeks. This bunch looks really talented! The three girls seem to have great voices, and they look really good! I will say that Dominic has the best voice, between him and Lucas, I can't really figure out Lucas singing. Tomorrow night, the Supergroup won't have to of it's members, Laura Broad and Grace Chapman, due to ilness. How will prove me wrong, or right, tomorrow night at 5:45 PM?

All bios taken from the DSB site HERE.

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Olivia Lucy Phillip

Energetic and excitable Olivia is a singing and dancing fanatic who lives in London with two of her friends. Her mum lives in Barnsley and her dad lives in Leeds and she is especially close to her dad who is a DJ. Olivia has a 22 year old brother who is an artist and also lives in London. The two of them are extremely close especially because they are so far away from home. Olivia does occasional bar work and is a member of the West End Gospel Choir. The choir has given her the opportunity to perform all over the UK. Olivia has had a bit of a struggle making it as a dancer so far since leaving Dance College a year ago, but this just pushes her to work even harder to fulfil her dream. Olivia is extremely excited about getting the opportunity to sing as well as dance in the Supergroup, utilising her favourite skills in one fantastic group.

Lucas Primmer

Lucas began his singing career performing to a local audience at his weekly concerts, singing in his granddad’s pub. He still has a big following in his community, and from studying dance at theatre school Luke went on to find his voice and become the performer he is today. Luke has a purpose behind his performing. Last year Luke was due to go on stage and perform to a large audience when five minutes before he discovered his uncle Albert had died. Lucas was particularly close to uncle Albert as he had lived with him for a while. Instead of crumbling, Luke went on stage and performed the best he possibly could. Another knock came when 2 weeks later, Lucas lost his best friend Luke who was killed in Afghanistan. Since then has dedicated his time to raising money for Help the Heroes, so far raising over £75,000. The loss of these amazing people in his life drives Lucas to make the most of his talents and seize every opportunity which is offered to him.

Sophie Wysoczanski

Sophie, who auditioned at the Manchester POD, teaches drama, dance and singing in Leeds and Bradford. She teaches a real cross section of children and finds it really rewarding when those with behaviour problems respond to her. Two years ago, Sophie and her sister started their own dance classes in their village and now they have an academy of 70 children. They call it the "Wysoczanski Academy". She’s been successful in reaching the last 50 in Over the Rainbow and I’d Do Anything, plus X Factor this year as part of a group, but never got as far as she dreams.

Dominic Smith

Dominic auditioned for the Supergroup when he came to watch Don’t Stop Believing as a member of our live studio audience. While producers were warming up our audience, Dominic’s fantastic singing and dancing skills were spotted and he was auditioned there and then! Fitness fanatic Dominic is a passionate performer who has been acting since he was born, growing up at his parents stage school. At the age of 8, Dominic saw a break dancing video which inspired him to learn the style. Self taught, Dominic watched the video numerous times perfecting his technique and then took to the dance floor challenging whoever he could find to dance offs. It wasn’t until the age of 17 that he then had the confidence to try other styles of dance including ballet, jazz and tap. In the meantime Dominic found his voice for singing and also Beatboxing. He has been playing guitar since he was 8 and always has it with him wherever he goes. He once had a glimpse of 'fame' when being an extra in Harry Potter when he was 11, followed by the remake of Thunderbirds. Since then he has done various short films for schools and colleges which he has really enjoyed being a part of.

Faye Horne

Faye is a singer and teacher and visited the Leicester POD to audition for the Supergroup. Faye has struggled throughout her life with being dyslexic, diagnosed at the age of 12. It can be hard at times and she has to work harder, but she says it’s all worth it in the end. From an early age Faye’s only goal in life has been to perform. Her ability was discovered by her grandparents who she used to sing to as a young child. Now 18 Faye sings for many charities and at community events along with singing in the local pubs and clubs. Her nanna often says how proud both her grandad, who sadly passed away 6 years ago and her great great grandmother who used to perform in the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company would be if they could only see her now. Faye’s enthusiasm for music also crosses over to her education, with her just completing a Musical Theatre National Diploma. She has now decided to take a year out to try and gain as much performance experience as possible. Dancing is one of Faye's real passion, she has trained in many areas of dance including Ballet and Tap and is a trained Cheerleader - competing in National Competitions all over the country.

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