"Love the Way You Lie" is Eminem's second single from his seventh album, Recovery, which was released on June 18, 2010. The song was released on June 21 and a music video directed by Joseph Kahn of it debuted on August 5. The video has already gained 19 million views, a record in YouTube! Firstly, I've to say that I don't like Eminem. I don't know why, but I've never did so. So, I started watching this video in a total dislike attitude, but to my surprise, this is genius! The Rihanna beggining is magnific, red hair really fits her!,  and the video overall is just great. It features Megan Fox in an abusive relationship with Dominic Monaghan, both making a great job! Dominic is a great actor! Those faces and the mood changes are so well done. The burning house scenes with Rihanna are so cool! They are definitely the best parts of the video, and I just love that thing she does with her mouth, it's so unusual! And Eminem isn't as bad as I thought! Guy can rap! I like the rythm change between him and Rihanna. I might even buy Eminem's album and do a review of it after this!

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